Do shops slut shame?

It barely feels like we’ve just got back to normal after Christmas and new year but the world has moved on.

Whether you love it or you think it’s just a clever business concept you cannot hide from Valentine’s Day fever.
Everywhere you go there are novelty gifts and cards.

In most clothes shops you will notice that their lingerie section has notched things up a few gears.

All of a sudden it’s appeared from the back of the underwear department where it usually hides its head in shame, shunned by its fellow under garments, pushed to the darkness at the rear of the store.

If you think about it on a more serious note have you noticed that the more sexy lingerie range widens during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day?!

Sexy scenes lingerie hearts

It is brought forward to the centre of the dept from its usually space toward the back. It’s abit like this sort of lingerie is being ‘slut shamed’ until the romantic period approaches and stores suddenly promote the sexy, sometimes risqué underwear. It’s okay to display it proudly, front and centre when it’s going to make the shops some fast money but any other times it’s relegated to the back like it’s a disgraceful thing.

Anything for the money though I guess?!

A 100 years ago The suffragettes  fought for our equality and rights. I think a part of that legacy is that women are equals and it’s sad that society still sees a woman’s sexuality as something that should be hidden.


But no, just no- the women of today are independent and confident! Amongst other things it means we have the power and ownership of our bodies and we will wear what we want, when we want!

Dark scene women in lingerie

So whether your single, married or ready to mingle there are some cute bits out there that will make you feel super special this Valentine’s Day. Not to please a man or a woman but to make yourself feel the very best version of you!

Girl power

Basically we are using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to buy clothes, lingerie and accessories, and make ourselves feel beautiful. That’s the truth of the matter but that’s just between us right?!🤫😉


One place that embraces a women’s body and sexuality is Ann Summers ! They sell a range of underwear, from what I call everyday stuff to something a bit more spicy that will make you feel and look a million dollars! There’s a big difference in these shops though, more sexy items aren’t hidden away at the back. They are displayed loud and proud without any judgements which I think is amazing! 

There is also another area in most Ann Summers stores .

The brand offer a lot of Sex toys  and products that aim to keep you smiling and having fun whether you are by yourself or with someone. There is no shame or preconceived impressions cast upon you if you happen to buy some goodies and I’d say the brand aim to help women express their sexuality and self-confidence in a very positive way! So put the 50 shades of grey books down and start living your own 50 shades fantasy! 

I hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day whatever your situation, whether you love someone else or you’re just going to treat yourself to a bit of TLC! ♥️♥️



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