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I would love to be one of these bloggers that stuck to a schedule ‘ I post Monday’s and Friday’s at 7pm est’  but that’s just not me. My brain is quite irritate and I find scheduling posts and ideas a struggle. It’s annoying some times but my most productive ideas come to me when I’m asleep or in bed. I am such a night owl!

Owl in flight in darkness  night owl



One night last week I woke up  quickly by some how falling out of bed. I struggled to settle again and suddenly 3 post ideas came to mind and paragraphs were literally forming in my head uncontrollably.

I have to write it there and then whilst my creative juices are flowing. Regardless of the time or how I’m feeling I know I will lose that intense feeling if I wait until the morning. Even if I write down my ideas in a notebook to refer to later it’s just never the same.

Paper with ideas written on it







I will suddenly develop this passion for a post idea and the post gets finished in one go. I can’t start something then go away and come back to it later. I can go back the next day and add photos but generally it all gets done in one hit! 

When I was at University I’d work at night completing 10’000 words essays in one sitting. Despite having a baby to care for too. I tried so many times to plan it then write it in stages over the course of a few weeks like most people  but it just didn’t work for me. My partner would often wake up to find me feeding our baby whilst reading source material and finding evidence for my essays. 

Even as I write this I’m trying at a fast speed as the words fall out of my brain and into my fingers to a point I’m typing faster than the computer can keep up.

Productive, quality and concepts aren’t something I can plan or think of at any given time. I find that the night-time is when my creatively is at its highest level and almost it’s most erratic but I wish I could be more like other people and blog to a normal schedule. People joke around and say I was a vampire on a former life and that’s why I come alive so to speak at night fall.

Lady dressed as vampire

So I am sorry to my audience that things are not gonna be working to a normal schedule or pattern and I hope you can stick with me and my crazy, dusk driven mind.
I really hope I can create posts that you enjoy despite my lack of organisation skills! X

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