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I’ve been having a break from blogging over the summer so I could focus all my energy on my children but it’s great to be back.
 I was going to post about some beauty products I’ve been loving but I decided to discuss my thoughts on the celebrity drug culture.
Since I started writing this I questioned whether to post it or not as I didn’t want to upset anybody. But after giving it some discussion I thought it was an important topic to highlight but I decided to wait a few weeks before posting it.
 I also decided that to give it the fullest respect it would be good to talk about how drugs can alter lives in a separate post as it’s not just celebrities that drug abuse effects. So I’ll include a link to that post once it’s live.  
Celebrity tragedies 
 There have been a number of high-profile overdoses and deaths in the last few year where some sort of drug misuse was involved. Artists like Mac Miller and Lil Peep have lost their lives in what’s believed to be accidental drug overdoses.
I am a mum of a teenage boy who listens to artists like Lil Peep and he was saddened by his passing. it worried me how my son viewed the use of drugs and so I felt it was important to discuss it with him, I’m very lucky that my son has a lot of empathy and a level head  because he said ‘it’s so sad that he died but using drugs is not cool, it’s dangerous and it’s taken away such talented people’
Mac Miller

Mac Miller 1992-2018

Lil Peep

Lil Peep 1997-2017

Demi Lovato was hospitalised in July following a near fatal overdose. It’s been suggested she will spend around 6 months in rehab following her recovery in hospital. 
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Oxycodone- my experience
I am no expert but I do understand how quickly you can get addicted to drugs and how fast they take control of you. I am prescribed one of the most potent, abused drugs in the world -Oxycodone. It’s hard to admit it  but I can relate to these celebrities because I’m addicted to it, it controls my life 10/12hours at a time.
 My medication is designed to release the drug over a 12 hour period. The longer you are on it the shorter than period gets before your body craves it again. It takes priority over everything else. It stops you in your tracks, regardless of what you are doing. Even if you are asleep.
I will often experience a form of sleep paralysis where all I can think about is the drug yet part of my body and brain is still asleep, unable to move. If I am awake and in need of it my heart pounds, I can’t keep still and every part of my body yearns for it. If I am an hour late taking it the withdrawal systems start. 3 hours and I’m souly focused on that drug.
Nothing else matters no matter how much I’d try to distract myself. That’s just taking the medication, the drug as it’s prescribed, I don’t abuse it because it scares me so much just taking it as my doctor tells me to.
 I dread to think of the power more Oxycodone or similar drugs influence you. 
“ Oxycodone is a semi- synthetic  opioid derived from thebaine, an opioid alkaloid found in the Persian poppy and one of the many alkaloids found in the opium poppy” (Wikipedia) 
Oxycodone information
Celebrities, drug abuse and the drug trade
Evidence suggests that  Demi Lovato smoked OxyContin on the day of her overdose which was laced with the dangerously strong medication Fentanyl. There have been several cases in the USA where overdoses have been  linked to the Illegal drug suppliers and manufacturers in Mexico that are producing this drug laced with fentanyl which makes it’s an even more lethal cocktail. The drug can be mixed with toxic products such as rat poison to cut costs. 
 Fentanyl is the drug involved in high-profile celebrity deaths such as Lil Peep, Prince and many more. 
The blame game 
As a society there is a tendency to immediately place full blame on the person and create a negative reputation of them because of their drug use. If they lose their lives because of drugs it tends to lead to intense criticism of them as a ‘drug addict’ and nothing more. Failing to note them as a human being who may have suffered in silence and in need of support. Forgetting the impact their artistry has had on people. Everything else about that person vanishes and all that’s focused on are drugs.
 I saw something on twitter recently that got me thinking about what life is like for musicians, artists and actors. Photographers everywhere you go, waiting outside your front door desperate to catch a money-making photo or story. Constant pressure to keep up popularity and status. Doing a 2/3 hour energetic performance then jumping on a plane to the next performance. Sound checks, showers and sleep grabbed somewhere between. Trying to sleep on rowdy tour buses or planes. Hotel rooms became the norm, barely spending anytime at home or sleeping in your own bed. Being away from your family and friends for weeks at a time.
I am sure that it’s hard to know who to trust and lean on for support. A genuine person is hard to gauge through the yes men who agree with anything you do or say as they hang on to your fame. So if you are in the midst of drug abuse or mental illness it would be very hard to find someone who would be trustworthy enough to help you and talk to without selling your inner most thoughts and experiences to the press. 
An escape
 Actors and musicians often create extremely emotive material. The range of emotions they draw upon from intense passion to the deeper fears and rage could take a toll on someone’s mind. Its probably hard to unwind, relax and detach from those feelings. The pressure and intensity of their job is enormous and  so difficult to cope with at times. 
 I think these issues are often why they often turn to drugs. Drugs probably help them relax quickly, giving them a sense of calm and peace in a crazy, hectic world. The higher the fame, the more intense these factors get and the more drugs they take to help create that sense of relaxation. It’s not always illegal drugs. Prescription drugs are often given for stress, injuries or other genuine reasons and the side effects of the medications become a comfort from the pressures and tribulations of fame. 
Before long they become caught up in addiction and I know exactly how that takes over your life. The more you take the higher your body tolerance becomes so you need more drugs to get that same feeling.
The temptation to move to stronger drugs or ones that act quicker outweighs the alarm bells in your brain.  
Yes men 
There maybe nobody close by your side that truly cares about you enough to stop you. Instead the yes men simply carry Narcan around with them in case you overdose. It’s suggested that the people who partied with Demi Lovato hours before her overdose knew all about her drug problems and had Narcan ‘just in case’ .
Just think about that for a minute.
The people you are surrounding yourself with who you probably care about and see as your friends are that aware of your drug problem that they carry an anti opioid overdose drug in case you overdose. They don’t stop you taking the drugs or seek support in getting you help to stop the drug use. But they are ready to inject the Narcan when you overdose, call the paramedics then disappear leaving you for dead.
That blows my mind and breaks my heart that someone can treat another person like that
But I think that’s a reality for many artists and actors out there. No real friends, often people see you as a cash cow, aiming to get as much as they can from you. Be it huge record labels or phoney friends. Abusing drugs is scary. Be it illegal or prescription drug abuse, the way the drug takes hold of you is truly frightening. But living like that is even scarier to me, never knowing who to trust or who cares.  
Success often comes with huge sacrifices and pressures and sadly for  Lil Peep and Mac Miller it cost them their lives.
Luckily Demi Lovato was saved by paramedics and is in long-term rehabilitation and I hope she gets all the love and support she needs to become happy and healthy. 
 If you are affected by these issues or know someone who is, please seek help. I’m going to leave some links below which can help you. 
Life is short and too many precious lives have been prematurely lost. 
Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones, hug them tightly, tell them that you love them and appreciate every minute you spend on this earth. 🖤

Drug Rehabilitation information

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Narcotics Anonymous UK

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