About my blog


Hi,  My name is Mandie and thank you so much for joining me here in my little area of cyberspace.

When I first started this blog I wasn’t even sure anyone would read it but writing was like a form of therapy. It has really changed me as a person. 

I used to have a blog about my chronic pain, depression, anxiety and panic attacks which helped me a lot but I quickly realised there was so much more to life and I didn’t want those things to define or control me anymore. 

I have always love clothes and make up and those were areas I wanted to blog about too but the doom and gloom of my deepest darkest thoughts didn’t really gel with the fun and happiness I gain from fashion and beauty.

I started this blog and decided to focus it on things I love and it quickly turned into a real passion of mine.

Then I realised that disability is a part of me, I’ve spent a lot of time shying away from it but a big factor in my life and I feel it’s important I share my thoughts and experiences in case it helps someone one day.

Plus that’s what makes me unique, and I hope it makes this blog unique. 

Be true to yourself, individuality is what makes each of us unique 

I am so grateful for your support and the opportunities blogging has given me and I hope you enjoy this blog as much I as do. Xx