Welcome to my blog. My name is Mandie and I am so glad to have you here.

I have spine and hips problems and over the last few years these issues have limited my mobility and turned my world upside down.

I started this blog out of pure frustration at the boredom that comes with chronic pain and being stuck in bed resting all the time.

It became a real lifeline to the outside world and it gave me a new focus and I am amazed and so grateful for the opportunities it has given me. I love fashion, make up and hair and skincare and I spend hours stalking Instagram and YouTube or reading fashion magazines so I hope you find some of the things on this blog really fun and interesting.

This blog is for fun and entertainment purposes, I am just a lady who loves fashion and cosmetics and I enjoy sharing the things that I love with you. My thoughts and feelings are my personal views and it is normal that not everyone will share my opinion. How boring would it be if we all loved the same things all the time?!

Diversity of all kinds is a great thing so please feel free to share what you think about the topics or products I talk about in the comments section or email me at mandieblogs@outlook.com


I am not an expert on any of the things I discuss within my blog and I can only use my own experiences, especially in terms of health problems. Therefore please do not take my views or thoughts as qualified advice. Always consult a medical professional before taking action.


I hope that this tiny space of the internet is somewhere you can come to relax, have a giggle and check out the always growing list of things I want and stuff I’ve bought.