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Lush stuff

Last Thursday I attended a bloggers event with Intu Milton Keynes and we went to Lush  to find out what gorgeous goodies are on the shelves at the moment.

Lush stuff


With Easter just around the corner I knew that  Lush would have gone the extra mile, as usual, when creating their Easter range. With the witty named bath bombs, shower bars and body scrubs, the range is made up of beautiful brightly coloured, vibrant fragrances that literally pull you into daydreams about spring and summer.

Easter range in lush

Lush do an amazing job at creating products that children will love and I should know. My 7 yr old son is obsessed with Lush  products!!

Lush spring range


After these events he will check out my photos to see the latest products and then he begs us to pop into the local store at Intu Milton Keynes . 

He is like a kid in a candy store, but this time it’s a boy in a bath bomb shop! It’s abit like supermarket sweep as he rushes around the shop with his basket, giggling excitedly as he takes it all in. He loves to smell and touch everything that catches his eye.

This time it was the cute bunch of carrots that are reuseable bubble bars that first caught his eye after seeing them in my photos. It’s a novel idea to put them in a set of 3 for £6.50.

Lush bunch of carrots bubble bar

He was then struggling to choose between the sparkly seven deadly spins fidget spinner £4.95 and the Golden egg bath melt £4.95

Fidget spinner bubble bar Golden egg bath melt


What’s most amusing about it all is we don’t have a bath!! 

My son has worked it all out thought!  He realised that as it’s a wet room and the floor is slightly curved to keep the water in one area, that dip in the flooring serves as a great mini bath bomb play area. He will spend over an hour in there, colouring  in the floor, drawing on the tiles and having great fun!

He has even taken to borrowing his big brothers shower speaker and putting on his favourites songs whilst he showers so he can have a sing along as he plays!

Nobody could ever say the lad isn’t clean because he comes out smelling lovely!

There are so many cute, fun products on sale at the moment it really is a bath bomb heaven! 

 Here are some of the products myself and my son highly recommend!


Shampoo bar

‘Wash behind your ears’ shampoo bar £6.50


Chick bath bomb

‘Free rangers’ Bath bomb £6.95


April showers cloud bath bomb

‘April showers’ bath bomb £3.95

Carrot soap bar

‘Carrot’ soap bar £5.95


I’d love to find out if you have any particular favourites from Lush and perhaps next time we visit the shop we will get some of your best buys to try!


Thank you so much to all the lovely staff at Lush

Raspberry milkshake soap bar

‘Raspberry milkshake’ soap bar £6.95



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