ASOS embrace real life

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ASOS  have prouder themselves from being a bit different from the other online fashion brands with their range of sizes, their styles and their advertising campaigns but the last few months have really set ASOS apart. Firstly they brought out a great, fashionable plus size range as oppose to frumpy outfits or plain very boring styles.

Plus size sexy styles

But next they shook things up with their honest, no airbrushed images of their gorgeous models. I’m talking tummy, back rolls and stretch marks on display loud and proud. The models were shown in their true, magnificent glory and it showed that ASOS really understood that the majority of us aren’t perfect and not only that we don’t want to have these unrealistic ideals of perfection rubbed in our faces every time we want to shop of fashion.

It was such a breath-taking, bold and brilliant move because it meant that ASOS  was real. It might just be a clever marketing campaign disgusted in equality but maybe it’s also a turn for the business of fashion.

The average size women in the UK is a size 16 yet most models are a size 6/8 at most. This has long been the practise of the modelling world but it’s far from real is it and perhaps with social media, with the impact of the shopper ASOS recognised that something has to change.

ASOS plus size models

So imagine my delight when I saw that they’d teamed up with the GB  Paralympic athlete Chloe Ball-Hopkins for ASOS’ ‘Design’  to design a jumpsuit that was suitable for wheelchair users as well as able-bodied folks. ASOS and Chloe even had the clever idea to adapt Chloe’s version to be more wheelchair friendly so the top and bottoms zip together and it’s waterproof too, perfect for these rainy British days! Tie dye Jumpsuit £50

Wheelchair friendly jumpsuit

It just goes to show that brands can embrace how diverse and beautiful people are and recognise that it’s each persons individuality, disabilities, stretch marks and all types of flaws that make that person so unique and special.

Let’s hope more brands catch on to this and we see a change in things soon! I’d love to know what you think about ASOS. Do you think advertising campaigns should be more realistic or do you prefer to see the ideals of the traditional model? 

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