Battle of the Boxes- April 2017

      Birchbox X Dollibox April 2017  


Welcome to this month’s fight where two UK Subscription boxes  Birchbox and Dollibox battle to see who will win this months winner title! 

Before I start I thought I’d let you know that Dollibox has changed it’s website and if you have an existing subscription they have advised that you cancel that agreement whether you paid for it with your debit card or PayPal. Then go to Dollibox’ s new website  and sign up for a new subscription. 

So let’s dive into this months Dollibox

April’s Dollibox


Firstly we have a Pink Lemonade scented bath bomb from SkinJam Cosmetics. It’s the largest bath bomb I’ve ever seen and it smells really nice.  SkinJam Cosmetics are a British company whose  bath bombs are handmade which is fab. It’s great to see Dollibox supporting smaller British companies.  RRP £2:50 ( 4 bath bombs for £10)


A very cute baby pink fluffy pompom hairband. It is not my style at all as I think I’m just too old for these types of things but it’s really pretty as a feature on of my beauty shelves. However I wouldn’t buy it.    RRP £4:00

A Babi Bear foundation Sponge which is very fancy for a sponge. I hope it works as well as the they say and it makes my make up look flawless, without absorbing too much product!! RRP £2:95


A mint green Nail polish from ‘Ard As Nails which is a perfect pastel shade from spring and summer. These polishes are 5-free meaning that they do not contain 5 of the toxic chemicals that are often found in other nail polishes. RRP £4:50


Schwarzkopf Fibre Force Shampoo which aims to make your hair replenished and builds up the strength of each strand of your hair.  


I can’t wait to use this a few times and see if it lives up to these claims as my hair could do with some TLC now. RRP £8:80


A Saturated Colour lipstick in Passionate Peach by LIPSStick . It’s a peachy toned nude and will flatter a lot of skin tones.  It is perfect for spring and summer as its subtle and not too heavy. I’d definitely buy this again and I’m keen to see what other shades are available. RRP £7:00



Let’s dive into the Birchbox now! April’s theme is Birchbox X Boden. The vibrant flower design that is so pretty!

Birchbox X Boden


Creme Moana in the fragrance ‘Fleur de Tiare’ from Baija Paris. This is a body lotion that has Shea and Acapulco butters, jojoba wax and coconut oil in it. The formula goes into the skin very quickly without leaving any residue behind and the smoothing effect is instant. It smells incredible, almost like a tropical cocktail type scent which doesn’t fade quickly. Love it!! RRP £15:90


Polaar Ice Pure  Gentle Scrub with Arctic Cotton. Arctic cotton is a super strong ingredient that has lots of moisturising features so not only will this scrub exfoliate your skin but it will also moisture it at the same time. That sounds like a brilliant idea but I’m not sold on the double duty of this scrub. How can it remove all the bad stuff really well whilst also moisturising it?! Time will tell and I will test it out to give you guys a verdict! RRP £23:50 


Then we have a full size Colour Correcting Concealer from Nip+Fab . I received the green shade which is for correcting red patches and hiding spots.I really enjoyed the products I’ve tried from this brand so hopefully it will work wonders on my skin! RRP £8:95 


NIP + FAB colour correcting concealer in shade green







We had a choice of  two products this month from Manna Kadar Cosmetics which we selected via email in March. A High Definition Powder or a Highlighter set. I went with the HD powder as I’ve got so many highlighters already. This is a smooth buttery formula which works very well! RRP £27



Parlor by Jeff Chastain volumising and lifting spray.   

Mid way through drying hair spray this on to the roots then finish styling to give hair a plumped up look.  Meanwhile ingredients such as sweet almond and Biotin nourish each strand to improve the strength and quality of hair. I’ve got thick hair already but this smells so nice that I might use it in between washes g refresh my hair and see if it makes it more healthy aswell! Full size version RRP £18:50 


April’s winner

This month’s winner is Birchbox  I love the bright floral box design and I’m excited to try the products as they look really good quality.

In terms of Dollibox, I’m bored with bath bombs, the hair band is not my style or taste,at all!  I feel like  Dollibox really needs to take a closer look at its customer profiles. They also need to vary their products more often as the boxes are just getting repetitive and a bit boring.

Birchbox is April’s Winner! ?




I’d love to hear if you receive any subscription boxes. What do you think about Birchbox and Dollibox goodies this month?! Let me know which box is your favourite! See you next month for May’s Battle of the Boxes! 




Disclaimer Please note I am in no way affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies and my opinions are entirely my own. I buy these subscription boxes with my money and make no profit from it. All Birchbox RRP prices are those listed on their website at the time of receiving this subscription box and Dollibox RRP are based on the brand prices at the time of the box being sent out unless otherwise stated *

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