Battle of the boxes-Birchbox X Dollibox

 This year I will be starting a new blog series called Battle of the boxes!

Each month I will compare two subscription boxes I receive to see who wins the months battle. I will look at the products themselves in terms of size, brand, packaging and performance. I’m also going to look at how good the product is for me personally.

When you sign up for these boxes you complete a profile so that the company sends you products that are right for you. They ask you things  like hair colour, length and texture, skin tone and type, likes and dislikes in products, nail condition, personality profiling.

So I want to see how much a product suits my profile. Did they put the effort in to meet my profile or did they generalise?! 

Birchbox  is a global company that usually offers 4 samples and 1 full size beauty/health product each month for a total price of £12:95. Products are often high end brands. 


 Dollibox is a smaller company UK based company that offer a similar subscription box for £13:90. The box usually consists of 5 products, usually 2/3 are full size. Dollibox frequently use smaller UK companies to provide more personalised products. Some items are handmade! 

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