Battle of the boxes -February 2017

            Birchbox X Dollibox    

As usual Birchbox have a different design on their box each month and for February they teamed up with stationery company PAPIER.  Subscribers got to choose in advance between a green or red themed bamboo leaf type print design. I was drawn to the deep red and pink shades which was just as nice in reality as it looked in the email.

Birchbox X PAPIER

 Dollibox  offer a much more simplistic box that just bears the name in a two coloured design.

Both boxes have a few similarities this month. The first being a make up brush. 

 Birchbox provided a full size White and gold Tulic Eye contour brush from Spectrum. It’s shape is perfect for getting into all the areas of the eye and the soft and fluffy tapered bristles make blending an really easy job regardless of your level of expertise as a make up wearer. It’s always good for smudging or all over colour if you are looking for a one brush suits all type of thing. RRP £5:99

 Dollibox featured a full size Rose gold metal foundation brush from Pro-Range Professional which has indentations where you hold it to provide the perfect comfort and control to the brush which is a neat idea I’ve personally  not seen before. The bristles are very packed and so soft with the added bonus of being either natural or made made.  Dollibox are even offering a 20% discount off of an 8 piece set from Pro-Range Professional until the end of March 2017.  RRP £32:99 * Contact    Dollibox for more details on how to purchase as I believe Pro-Range Professional are a new company and don’t have a website as yet. 

Following on with the make up theme Birchbox had an eyeshadow trio sample from Pop Beauty in the shade Champagne Mocha. This is a 3 piece shimmer of shadows that range from a creamy shade to a mocha which fits perfectly in your travel bag or handbag for the earth toned smokey eye look. Pigment wise it’s good but I wish there was a matte transition shade in the set to break up the shimmers and give a more matte element to the look you could do with the trio. So overall I’d say it’s okay but nothing you can’t get elsewhere for cheaper and with a few more shades and formulas. RRP £15:99 for full size. 

February Dollibox

Again with the make up theme, Dollibox has a full size red lipstick from MUA. Perfect for Valentine day this lipstick would suit most skin tones and it is  super pigmented. It sells from RRP £1! I will definitely go check out the other shades in this range because even if you have to reapply it a couple of times it’s £1 what’s to lose?! Just think you could have 20 lipsticks for £20, I feel a haul coming on! 

Next up from Birchbox  there is a Shave Crave shaving cream in Acai Grapefruit from Whish. RRP £14:80 for a full size version. It’s a shave cream, it smells nice and it is a non-foam type but in essence  it’s no better no worse than the ones you can buy in supermarkets so it’s not something I’d buy again. 

Be still my beating heart,  Dollibox know me so well, or at least I’d like to think so because I got two soaps and anybody that knows me well knows I’m obsessed with soaps, bubble baths and shower gels and baths and showering in general. (My kids are following suit. My 6 yr old loves Lush! Lol !) so these two soaps are shaped in two of my other favourite things- one is a cupcake and ones a unicorn. 

Unicorn soaps! Photo from Dreambath Etsy shop 


I am not ashamed to say I was excited by these soaps! 

Soap, glorious soap!

The cupcake Bath Bake Melt  by Miss Patisserie was made with cocoa and she’s butters then dusted with detox salts that gave it a gorgeous shimmer. My 6 yr old son loved playing with it whilst having a wash bless him! RRP3:99

Natural, cruelty free and vegan this Unicorn soap from Dreamybath smelt like heaven aswell as being so cute and fun! Invidually wrapped in cellophane  Dollibox always uses companies that go above and beyond to provide that thoughtfulness to their items. RRP £2:50

Then in the Birchbox we had a Daily mouisturising conditioning apart from Beaver Professional RRP £21 for a full size one. Now I have thick tangly hair that needs some serious moisture and help and I needed most of the sample in one go to get my hair anyway half decent so I’d say this isn’t something I’d buy or use again. 

The last thing in the Birchbox was a sample size Rose Absolute First serum that has an RRP £28. Meant to calm stressed skin out with its Rose oil and aloe Vera this just felt like a oily mess to me, even on my hand so I only used a tiny amount on a really dry bit of skin but it didn’t absorb quickly and just left my face and hand feeling horrible. Pass!

Lastly but not leastly in the  Dollibox was a sample of Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing pads. These pads smell like oranges and it’s such a refreshing smell that lingers slightly on your skin adding to the cleanliness the pads give your face. I’d never tried anything from this brand but have heard great things about them and I’ve bought more of these since using the sample so job well done  Dollibox and Nip+Fab! RRP 12:95 for full size. 

Birchbox  always have nice designs to there boxes and the drawer versions can be re-used which is a bonus but the products this month were very hot or Miss and overall just left me hoping next months would be better. It’s very rare I feel 100% pleased with it and this month left me putting things out of the way, giving to other people which isn’t ideal. 


 Dollibox send their items in a really full plain and simple box but as soon as I open it there are things that stand out right away.

I often re-buy items I’ve sampled from Dollibox  and I absolutely love the  thought that go into putting their box together. They often use smaller local businesses that can provide a personal touch to goods that gives an impression that they really care about small business and their customers. 

So Februarys Battle of the Boxes winner is –DOLLIBOX!  

February’s Winner Dollibox!


Let me know if you have either of these subscription boxes and what you thought about the products you received this month.

I hope you will join me soon to find out who wins March’s round! 



Disclaimer Please note I am in no way affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies and my opinions are entirely my own. I purchase these subscription boxes with my own money and make no profit from it. All Birchbox RRP prices are those listed on their website at the time of receiving this subscription box and Dollibox RRP are based on the brand prices at the time of the box being sent out unless otherwise stated *

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