Battle of the boxes-March 2017

   Birchbox X Dollibox March 

Welcome back to another dual of the subscription boxes. As usual in the blue corner we have   Dollibox   and in the red corner looking ready to fight is Birchbox    ? ✖️ ?

?March’s Dollibox  appears to place a focus on pampering yourself. There are beauty and pamper products that aim to make you feel and look the best possible. 

March Dollibox

?Firstly we have the cutest eyeliner ever. This Lameila ‘Lucky Doll’ waterproof liquid eyeliner is just the perfect girly design and it also reminds me of a quill and ink pot from the olden days. It makes me smile whenever I look at it and it actual works really well. It has a thin nib that gives easy but accurate strokes that do not budge whatever your doing so it would be the sweetest item to take to the festivals later this year when you can’t be too sure what the weather will do! RRP 4:99

How adorable!


?Now this next item I’m not sure about. Is Dollibox trying to tell me something? The BIOAQUA Animal Nourish facial Mask in a Dog face.

A dog face mask…

It’s packed full of all things good for your skin and is said to nurture your face from damage whilst providing a firmer and more healthy looking skin. You can’t really go wrong with this but sitting with a dog mask on my face for 20 minutes doesn’t seem much fun! RRP £6:49 

?Next up is the old faithful that most people know and love. A sample 50 ml size of Palmers Coconut oil formula body lotion. Coconut oil is huge everywhere right now, we are using it to cook with, as hair masks, to take our make up off and it’s long been used as a moisturising lotion. You can’t go wrong with it! RRP4:99 full size 250ml. 

?Unicorn Poop Wax Melts by Scent Circus. Two colourful, glittery wax melts made of soy wax which smell like a bag of pick and mix sweets. RRP £1 

?Adamma Fibre Lash Extender Duo Mascara. A two wand set which are used together to create longer, fluffier looking eyelashes that give the illusion a falsies. Messy if your not careful I seem to get more fibres on my glasses or in my eye than on my lashes so this takes abit of practise to get it right for you. RRP £39:99

?So in the red corner Birchbox  celebrates its 6th birthday and goes back to its roots with a simple kraft box design this month. The theme is ‘All around the World’ . 

Just like the original Birchbox box design


A message from Birchbox

?First off there is a Balance Me Instant Lift Primer sample which states it will blur your pores and tighten skin whilst leaving it smoother. This is quite oily and didn’t do much for my pores or skin overall. However on drier skin or more mature skin I’m sure it would be a perfect match. RRP £22 full size 

?Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan sample. Yes you read it right, a tanner that works in ten minutes! Tanning can be a time consuming exercise so this Tan can be washed off after only ten minutes then within 4/6 hours a golden Tan will appear. Seems pretty good to me!! RRP £29:95 

March Birchbox

?Batiste 2-in-1 Invisible Dry Shampoo and Conditioner in Vanilla and Passionfruit 50ml sample can. This smells divine, its fresh, its feminine and it’s exactly how I want my hair to smell. Not only does this combat greasy roots it now treats dryness and offers a quick and simple conditioning treatment between washes. Ideal for popping in your handbag or taking on your travels this is a must have product in my book!! RRP £4:49 full size

?Bobbi Brown Multi-Mask kit samples. Three mask samples that treat all of the areas of your face with a   ‘one mask does not fit all’ attitude. This kit aims to provide you will a customised treatment in the comfort of your own home which is a great idea and the multiply types of mask that come in the kit mean that your facial treatments will never be the same again. RRP £33 each

?I saved the best for last but I was so happy to read the email last month which asked us to choose a shade of Benefit They’re Real Double the Lip and I chose shade ‘Lusty Rose’ which is a beautiful rose pink that would suit most skin tones and is very flattering. It’s  a lip liner and lipstick in one with a unique teardrop shaped tip that allows the liner part to frame the lips perfectly whilst the lipstick covers the rest of the lip.  It’s got good coverage and can be built up to give a the illusion of a fuller lip and it lasts a good while throughout the day. RRP£16:50

Benefit They’re Real lipstick ?


March’s winner has to be Birchbox  . It’s got a great range of products that I’m really keen to use or I’m already using like the Benefit lipstick. I love the concept of the items coming from all around the globe which is March’s theme and I just think they did a super job putting this box together for their birthday celebration! ????

Let me know if you have either of these subscription boxes and what you thought about the products you received this month.

I hope you will join me soon to find out who wins April’s round! 

••I thought I’d post a little update about the Dog face mask! 

There are no words to describe this…. ?

Disclaimer Please note I am in no way affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies and my opinions are entirely my own. I buy these subscription boxes with my money and make no profit from it. All Birchbox RRP prices are those listed on their website at the time of receiving this subscription box and Dollibox RRP are based on the brand prices at the time of the box being sent out unless otherwise stated *

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