Bedtime bliss with the Bedtime Bliss sleepmask

I was recently offered the chance to test out the Bedtime Bliss Sleepmask and I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to do some research into an area that’s bothered me for some time.

The Bedtime Bliss Sleepmask is a really soft fabric which is breathable, it doesn’t make your face too hot or flushed. It’s clear that there has been a lot of thought gone into making the mask because it is contoured really well to fit the face. The fastenings are strong and will adjust to various sizes but not a tight fit that will make use uncomfortable.


I have pretty poor eyesight (-12.75) and for some reason as my eyes have got worse my sensitivity to the light got worse too. I can only sleep in complete darkness because somehow small but annoying bits of light bother me even when I’ve got my eyes shut. The tiny light of a smoke alarm or the standby light on the TV creates a kaleidoscope of spots of light that sometime stay for a while after I shut my eyes.

These weird light effects also causes an increased visibility of floaters in my eyes. Floaters  are formations of eye fluid that drift around the eye. People with bad eyesight are more likely to have these floaters. They are very annoying and distracting so this sleep mask has been a great help with getting to sleep more easily. 💤 💤 


After testing it for a week I can honestly say it’s the best mask I’ve tried to date. As soon as you put it on it gives you a black out effect. There is no light that gets through and I found my eyes relaxed very quickly into sleep mode and your face doesn’t get hot or sweaty as the mask is made of a cotton and bamboo fabric. 

I fidget a lot when I’m asleep but this mask stays in place and does not cause any discomfort at all. You barely notice you have it on which is an indicator of its high quality in my book. 🛌

This product would be fantastic for shift workers who have to sleep in the daytime and people who are seeking a rest whilst traveling in a car or by plane. 

Overall I’d highly recommend this mask and I think it would benefit a vast range of people. Those of you with a sensitivity to the light and people who suffer from sight problems that cause floaters will love this mask!

Do you use a Sleepmask or are you intrigued to try one? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject and until next time I hope you all sleep tight tonight 💤🛌💤

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