Benefit bad gal bang Mascara

We all want the same thing from a mascara, luscious long, separated fuller lashes and it’s hard to find a mascara that suits all of those needs so many people opt for false lashes so I was on a mission to test out the Benefit Bad gal Bang Mascara

So here’s what Benefit are saying about the product:

Benefit bad gal bang mascara claims


While I was wanting in the arrival of my parcel I saw articles and YouTube videos talking about how over the top the rumoured $10 million launch was where Benefit took the biggest and best beauty influencers on amazing trips to Utah, USA and the Maldives. There was so much hype about this product and the space theme got everyone’s mind curious about what the product was!  Some folks were a little disappointed that Benefit launched another mascara when they gave huge success with their Roller Lash Mascara  and the ‘They’re Real’ mascara lines.

They’re real mascara

Benefit roller lash mascara









Photos of spider-like lashes soon flooded social media seemed to contradict the message behind the product which was lashes lengthens and lifted like zero gravity but we all use products differently and I was keen  to try it.

Spider like lashes

A Photo from Benefit Cosmetics UK Instagram page

As a glasses wearer I find it really important part of my beauty regimen to use a mascara that gives me lashes that frame me eyes well without transferring sticky black residue on my specs.

I love the design of the product. It’s very modern and although there have been s few suggestions it looks like a torture device or a sex toy I thought it was unique. Whatever it remind you of it’s going to stick in your mind and stand out from other mascara packaging.

Bad gal bang mascara
The wand is a good size thin stickle style that grabs your lashes from root to tip with an even coat. I often use a makeup wipe or tissue to remove any excess product and not wipe it off at the top of the tube and make a mess that can get everywhere but that’s a personal preference. When you remove the excess it provides a full lengthening coat whilst separating the lashes and giving them a slight lift that looks like they had been curled with a curler, which I thought was a great one product way of achieving a pretty lash look.

I actually really like the Benefit Bad gal Bang Mascara £21 and I will be using it when I want a fuller lash look and I feel bad I judged it based on social media alone before giving it a chance so I’d strongly suggest you give it a few tries before you make your decision but I think it’s a good competitor for the roller lash mascara which I use often!!

Benefit cosmetics press photo before and after using the Big Gal Bang Mascara

Benefit cosmetics press photo before and after using the Big Gal Bang Mascara



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