Biker Jackets- takes an outfit from 0 to 100 instantly!

First biker jacket



For as long as I can remember I’ve loved biker jackets but I never bought one, didn’t even try one on because I didn’t think I would get away with wearing one. The biker jacket has a huge history to it, it’s been a part of culture for the last 90 years, since Irving Schott made the first one in 1928 which sold in Harley Davidson shops for $5:50!!

First biker jacket
World War Two made the biker Jacket style part of the military’s uniform, in particular US GI’s who worn brown leather versions often with personalised drawings or writing.

Ww2 jackets

In the 50’s movie stars like James Dean in ‘Rebel without a cause’ and Marlon Brando in ‘The Wild One’ played characters who were very cool and rebellious. As they stared, brooding down the camera lens, icey cool, always wearing a biker jacket. These images become iconic and the bad boy vibes of the jacket grown rapidly.

Marlon Brando and James Dean

If a group in society had a rebellious and non conforming mentality then you could almost guarantee that the Biker Jacket would be worn. Various designs and features maybe added but the basic style was still there with all of its reputation and character!
Biker gangs added gang badges to personalise them.Punks and rockers alike worn Biker Jackets as statement pieces with metal studs and chains that gave them a hard and edgy detail.

Bikers Punks

In the 1970’s and 80’s films had entire storylines based around the character of the Biker Jacket and all it stood for. The Grease films highlighted the links between attitude and character with the T-Bird gangs uniform of custom biker jackets emblazoned with their gang name.



The uncool, preppy characters of the films desperately strived to become  more cool, more respected and these biker jackets stood for those things. Sandy’s entire persona changes when she struts into the school fair with her black biker jacket on at the end of the film, gone has the shy, innocent and geeky school girl whose pride of appearance  is wearing no makeup, modest frilly dresses and twin knit sets, she is now a red lipstick, leather pant wearing, sexpot with a cigarette in hand.In the second film Sandy’s cousin Michael joins the school and immediately sets his sights on pink lady Stephanie but is soon warned off saying that without the T -Bird Biker Jacket Stephanie is off limits. So he changes his entire persona from scholar and nice guy to rule breaking biker daredevil in a bid to win the trusty Jacket and Stephanie! 

Sandy deeGrease two


It’s quite crazy really considering it’s just an item of clothing! But it’s a piece with a huge personality and a rich, fascinating and almost intimidating history.

That’s exactly why I’ve never got a biker jacket in the past despite admiring them from afar. I’m probably not cool or edgy enough to wear one. But recently I had a few brave minutes in a shop and tried a couple on. It’s so cringy and cheesy but I could immediately feel a difference in the way I was carrying myself. I felt a bit bolder, a bit more of a rebel and I ended up buying both of them! Lol I’ve actually got my eye on getting a few more in different colours and fabrics in the future!

If you don’t have a Biker Jacket in your wardrobe already I really think you should try one because I think anyone can pull on off, if I can get away with one anyone can trust me! There are so many really cute ones to choose from and they are great prices, you might even end up getting a few!

A biker jacket is a perfect transition jacket as the seasons change as you can wear one with a top or layers. Throw one on with a casual look of trainers and jeans to give a bit of statement or wear one sling over your shoulders on a night out for ultimate sex appeal and attitude!
This A/W there are so many options to choose from so I’ve picked some gorgeous ones that tick all the trends and will take any outfit from zero to a hundred in an instant!!

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