Boohoo X Zendaya

Boohoo have released a new range which is a collab with US superstar Zendaya. The talented actress is well-known for her style aswell as her acting. Let’s face it she is pretty near perfect really! 

Zendaya style 1

Zendaya fashion


The range called ‘The Zendaya Edit’  has a very strong sense of her fashion aesthetic so it’s clear she had a lot of input into the designs. This is unlike other celebrity collabs I’ve seen where it’s obvious they’ve had very little to do with the full process and are more of the face of the range not the designer! So kudos to both Boohoo and Zendaya for making such a fabulous collaboration! 

The zendaya edit 1 The zendaya edit 2


Boohoo and Zendaya have described the collection  as ‘effortless, simple and cool’ and I think that it’s a versatile range that has pieces that will work for everyone and it’s very hard to find something to dislike!  I’ve picked out some of the pieces I’ve got my eye on so check those out below before you head on over to Boohoo! 


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