Camo Canvas Boots- Primark style


How gorgeous are these Camo Canvas Boots from Primark? A total steal at £12 and I can tell you they are so comfortable. They can make a simple outfit go from zero to ? with a real punch. 

Camo Canvas Boots £12 Primark

 am obsessed with anything Camo so these beauties caught my eye straight away. I’m like a magpie but rather than shiny things I’m drawn to Camo print! If you spot anything you think I’d like please grab a photo, send it my way and let me know where you saw it so I can go check it out! 

The Canvas rubber heel ankle boots are a massive nod to the cream or black ones that were popular in the 90’s and it seems the updated trend is a big hit now too. I was lucky enough to grab the last pair in my size and that’s a clear sign of popularity in my book! 

90’s Style

Wear them with jeans, leggings, shorts or a cute skirt to give an edgy vibe to your outfit I can promise  that you will not regret buying them. So what have you got to lose, get down to your local Primark asap and pick up a pair. 

This outfit from Asos would look amazing with the Camo boots!

I would love to see how you style yours so tag me on your social media and drop me a line to let me hear how much you love them! Xx 

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