Crystal Berries- Jewellery heaven

There are a lot of eBay and Etsy shops that sell body Jewellery but it’s rare you find exactly what you are looking for at reasonable prices. I like something a bit unique aswell which makes things harder.

I Recently got an email from an eBay seller who I had bought body Jewellery from in the past, she was contacting me to tell me she was opening an online shop! (Down goes the bank balance)
I immediately went to Crystal Berries  and  I was very impressed by the beautiful, high quality jewellery.

Here are the social media links where you will find this incredible jewellery: 

Crystal Berries website

Crystal Berries Facebook page

Etsy shop

eBay shop



£6 each

One piece caught my eye because it was so gorgeous. A purple or white teardrop opal with blue stones detailing around it. I’d never seen anything like it before so I ordered the purple one immediately! It is stunning! When the light hits it has such a strong sparkle, I love it! 

Opal Tear Drop Effect Labret Studs Lip Monroe Tragus 6mm Bar​​​​​​ £6 each



Oval or star stud £6 (6mm bar)
Bars £3:50 each

I have 12 ear piercings plus a nose piercing and a lot of people are surprised to see so many earrings in one area. Because not everyone knows how many piercings you can get so here’s a chart that shows them:

From Pinterest

When I received my order I was shocked to find some more Jewellery alongside my order which was so kind. Each piece is very unique, just my style, I love them all! ❤️ I am so grateful for them and I’d like to say a huge thank you to Crystal Berries

Each of these earrings is so unique

There are so many styles of earrings available and they are different to most items I’ve seen on other sites. Rose gold is a massive trend right now and it’s hard to find body Jewellery in this style but this shop have in multiple designs. The prices are very reasonable and I cannot recommend Crystal Berries          enough.



Please note I am in no way affiliated with the above mentioned company and my opinions are entirely my own. I bought the purple oval gem stud with my money and the others were given to me as a gift to me but I made no profit from it. The prices stated are those listed on their websites at the time of writing this unless otherwise stated *

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