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📌📌 #Ad #Gifted : This post is a collaboration between myself and the brand. I was gifted a pair of boots in exchange for a review but my thoughts and opinions are my own and not at all influenced by the brand. 


It’s fair to say that I am obsessed with footwear. Having a bad back and hip means I can’t wear heels so trainers and boots are my go to. 
 I am a bit of a tomboy at heart and there is nothing better than a chunky boot to finish an outfit with a bit of an edgy vibe. 

 So imagine my excitement when Cucu Fashion contacted me and asked if I’d like to collab with them?! 

Cucu Fashion  is an amazing brand that sells footwear that is always on top of the latest trends for reasonable prices. I mean seriously, I was browsing their website making an endless mental list of trainers and boots that I wanted for the autumn/winter 2019 seasons. 

Along of their items are what I would refer to as dupes for higher end brands like Gucci and Dr Martens but far cheaper. The attention to detail is incredible and the quality is really good too.

Why spend £600 on a pair of Gucci trainers when you could go to Cucu Fashion and buy 10 pairs! Here are some of my favourites from the brand which are on my wish list for the near future.


Cucu Fashion, Gucci

Nere white rhinestone trainers £32


Cucu Fashion, Gucci

Mylie White Studded Flatform Trainers £20


Cucu Fashion were kind enough to gift me an item of my choice which I’m so grateful for and strangely enough I’d recently been talking about wanting to buy some Cherry red Dr Martens but then being out of my price range.

So you can imagine my joy when I found a near exact copy of them on this website! 

Cucu Fashion, boots

Doba Burgundy combat boots £30

These boots are such good quality and they are so comfortable to wear and unless you were an expert and looked very close I don’t think you’d know which brand they were. These boots retail at £30 which I think is absolutely amazing and I will definitely be treating myself to the black pair in the near future.


If you are like me and love high-end styling but can’t afford them I would highly recommend Cucu Fashion for fun, fashionable footwear! I have been given the code Mandie10 for you guys to use when making a purchase which gives you 10% discount on your purchase! 


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