Fashion thoughts you can relate to

Rules about fashion and style are everywhere. We often live by them without even realising it and they often lead to frustrations and dented ego’s when we don’t fit into these ideals. Its little wonder why  body confidence issues are so common. 

Don’t wear blue with black, don’t wear that outfit if you’re a size 12 or over, only tall people can wear that. Your hips are  too wide for that style…. they drive me crazy.

 Lately I’ve realised that they are often totally irrelevant to my body, my style and my views so I have decided to completely ignore them and to do my thing. 

 But I have found a few fashion thoughts that I can definitely relate to that focus on being an  individual, doing a lot of clothes shopping and stressing that it’s a person that  make the clothes not clothes make the person.

Ignore the rule book, wear what you want, when you want and dress to please yourself, never think you should dress a certain way for anybody else. It’s your body, your style and your life. 

I’d love to hear your fashion mantras and style beliefs. 

Relatable fashion thoughts.

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  1. This is so true. Finding confidence is very hard but a great feeling to have.

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