Finding Confidence

Disability and Confidence

Having a disability is a struggle sometimes. Not only can you feel pretty crappy at times but it can also make you hyper sensitive to the opinions of other people. So trying to rock the latest fashion trends is  tricky.

We are all quite self-conscious anyway, there is always something you don’t like about yourself but at times disabilities can make you seem more visible to people.

I only speak from my own experiences. As my mobility has gotten worse over the last few years I’ve had to adapt to using a walking stick or a wheelchair which can feel like a huge neon arrow is floating about your head. 

I live in leggings, baggy tops or hoodies and Pyjamas. I’m not sure if it’s for comfort or to hide myself away under these layers of clothing.

I love fashion and I spend hours scrolling clothes shops online making wish lists of things I’d buy in an ideal world. If I was taller, slimmer, better looking, if I didn’t have a crocked spine and bad hips. If I wasn’t me.

There are so many things I think about when I go to buy clothes.


I can’t wear high heels due to a bad back and hips so I’ve often gone into shops and quickly felt like fashion just isn’t for me. I look at trousers and think no if it’s too tight or touches my hip it can cause me pain. Oh the baggy trousers  are so cute but I could trip over them and hurt myself.


Why shouldn’t someone with a disability enjoy fashion as much as the next person?!

Photo from New Yorker

What has stopped me?  I suddenly realised it wasn’t anybody else’s opinion that I worry about, it was my own. It was me that wasn’t comfortable wearing a wider range of clothes. 

It’s still an ongoing process but trying new clothes, new styles is so much fun when you just let go of your hang ups and body concerns. It is such a hard thing to do but it’s so important to love you for who and what you are. If you’re a kind, loving fun person then that is what will shine through in the end anyway.

The future

Maybe next time a disability person passes by you won’t double take because of the walking stick or the wheelchair, perhaps it will be because she is rocking some amazing outfit that really catches your eye! Who knows maybe that person will be me one day.  

All I do know is that it’s so true that loving yourself for who you are is the first step towards living a happier, more fun life. ❤

I strongly recommend heading over to Stylishly Impaired  for a brilliant blog on how to get the best out of life regardless of any disability! It’s a truly inspiring blog! 


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