Guns N Roses madness at Primark ??

If you hadn’t already noticed I go to Primark quite often, I’m Primark mad, my partner made that official a long time ago lol .

I was in my local shop last week and Primark had gone Guns N Roses mad. It had even spread over into the nightwear section which is a spoonie’s favourite section of Primark. 

I think I own more Pyjamas than other clothes which sucks but at least Primark always have fun and cute sets which is great when you wear them a lot, theres nothing worse than feeling rubbish and wearing boring crappy PJ’s. 

I saw the most cool pair of Guns N Roses Pyjamas. They were on a large pillar, both top and bottoms were in the size I wanted (I always go up one size in PJ’s because I like them loose and comfortable)

 I knew that they would sell out quickly,  they’re Guns N Roses for gawd sake!!  My friend went in 3 days later and said she couldn’t see them anywhere so I’m so glad I bought them when I first saw them!  

Ladies Guns N Roses Pyjamas from Primark

The detail on them is brilliant, the vest top is actually too nice to wear to bed really.

 If you paired the top with some ripped, frayed Denim shorts, cute tan ankle  boots or black Biker boots and a choker and you’d be festival ready and nobody would guess it was a PJ top! But if you don’t fancy wearing bedwear as daywear then I’ve got you covered! 

Primark also have some cool Guns N Roses T-shirts  for women which are only £8 but look like real vintage style band T-shirts! Guns N Roses are touring this summer so these tops will be highly sought after because they are perfect to wear to  watch them performing. I’m sure they are a lot cheaper then their official merchandise will be! 


Ladies band T-shirts £8 from Primark

What’s even more fun is that there are band T-shirts for kids too. This one is for older boys ages 7-13 £6. My 6 yr old son looks so cool with a top that has his daddy’s favourite band on it. Adorable!


Boys Band T-shirt £6 from Primark

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