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As you probably guessed from previous posts I love watching YouTube beauty and fashion channels and Kelsey Alfred is such a fun and talented lady. She recently did a haul from a website called Shop Miss A  which sell makeup, jewellery and accessories. Here is a link to her video Kelsey Alfred’s Shop Miss A Haul

Kelsey Alfred

Kelsey Alfred

 I will pop some of Kelsey’s social media links at the bottom of the post so you can find out more about her.



So I’m sure you want to know what’s the best bit about this site? most of the items sold are $1. Yes your read that right, makeup that costs one dollar!!!

So I thought I’d check out the site and see if it was any good. Bad move, once you see the $1 marks your basket fills up very fast and before you know it you’ve purchased loads!

What I didn’t think about until I paid was the exchange rate from the US dollar to the Pound. So the items actually ended up costing me less than a pound each, that’s crazy right?! 💵 💷 

Shipping prices varied depended on the value of my order, mine was $40 so shipping was $7/8 which is about £5.50 so it’s very similar to UK delivery prices.
It took 9 days to arrive from Dallas,Texas but the tracking was really detailed and gave me a rough idea of when my parcel would arrive!

So enough of me waffling on, let’s get into the good bit- here’s what I bought!!!

So I’ve had a play with these products and put tried them out to see how they perform and I was really surprised at  some of them. 

The Colour Correcting Primers  I got were the ‘Pale Balance’and ‘Anti Redness’ . Firstly they are both oil free which is brilliant because I’m not a fan of any makeup that’s oily. Especially a primer because it’s just going to set your makeup up to slip and slide around. Both Primers do what they aim to do, they even out your skin tone and reduce redness but I like a pore refining primer o I’ve been using these instead of a mouisturiser at the start of my makeup routine. A little goes a long way and they give your skin a healthy, natural  glow which makes things lovely from the start!  Then I use my Benefit Porefessional Primer.

The Wonder Cover Liquid Concealer  shade I ordered was ‘Light Ivory’ which is one of the  lightest in the range. It’s a very orangey based shade and didn’t work for my skin tone. Overall the shade range is pretty poor and doesn’t cut it as far as deeper tones and full inclusiveness. 

Concealer range

Wonder Cover Concealer range

The formula is quite oily and hard to work with as it just moves around as you try to blend it. I wouldn’t recommend buying this concealer as you can get far better ones from not much more in Superdrug or Boots. Collection liquid concealer is a very highly praised one that costs abit more. 

Collection concealer

Collection liquid Concealer £4.19-Boots

*Collection Liquid Concealer £4.19 -Superdrug

The Pressed Powder Compact  is quite heavy and reminds me of a powder foundation rather than a powder. It’s not a setting powder so you’d need to use an additional powder to set your products. I used this a few times instead of a foundation when I just wanted a matte, healthy natural skin day.

The Baked Highlighter has a slight film over it which is best scrapped of before using it but once you do that it’s very pigmented for th price point and performs best with a setting spray on the brush before applying it. I got the shade ‘Creamsicle’ which is a very light shade but there were a good range of shades that would suit many skin tones. If you are looking for a cheap highlighter this product is for you. It’s super pretty for brow bone and Cupid’s bow highlights in particular.

The Eyeshadow Palette  in ‘Camo chic ’ was a total flop. The shades have been pressed very hard and this makes it tricky to get enough product on your brush to show on your skin. If you do manage that they blend very patchy and aren’t worth the effort. Avoid at all cost, even a dollar!!

Now the Baked Eyeshadows  are a different story. They are very pigmented and blend brilliantly. I have ‘Toast’  ‘Creamsicle’ and ‘Bourbon’ and they work so well together. There is a wide shade selection to choose from and I’d highly recommend these bad boys, I’m definitely going to purchase more colours! 

Eyeshadow range

More in the Baked Eyeshadow range

💄Lets talk Lipsticks! The Metallic Liquid Lipsticks  in colours ‘Diamond’ and ‘Moon’ are so pretty, pigmented and the formula is creamy and they dry down to a very comfortable finish. There’s a huge shade range to choose from and they are another product I will be buying more of. 

Lipsticks check shades Moon and diamond

‘Moon’ and ‘Diamond’ Metallic liquid Lipstick

💄The Bullet Lipsticks  in ‘Latte’ and ‘Perfect’ are okay. They are abit dry and patchy so a few coats are necessary to get a deep and full coverage but there are a lot of colours to pick from and I’ve worn Latte with the metallic shade ‘Moon’ over the top and together they work really well! 

Lipstick swatches

Lipstick range swatches 💄

The Eyeliner, Lipliner and blotting Papers from Elf are okay, as is the eyelash curler. They aren’t the best but they aren’t the worst either so for $1 you can’t complain but you can get very similar products in Primark. 

I am so pleased I got some of the Eyeshadow Brushes.    They are very soft,synthetic bristle brushes and they are worth more than a dollar. They blend nicely and do exactly what you want them to do. I will be buying more of the brushes on the site because I think they are a brilliant bargain! 

Brush range

More of the Brush range

Overall I think Shop Miss A  is a great place to buy cosmetics. It’s perfect if your like me and don’t have a lot of  spare money but love makeup or perhaps  you are  just starting out and want to build yourself a makeup collection. 

They also do some cute Accessories   and Jewellery  for similar prices which is worth checking out too.

I’d like to thank Kelsey Alfred for inspiring me to do this haul and please go check out her video on YouTube and show her some love! Kelsey Alfred’s haul

Kelsey Alfred

Kelsey Alfred

Kelsey Alfred Instagram

Kelsey Alfred’s YouTube channel

If you know any interesting brands or shops that I should try please comment below or message me and I will do my best to check it out! 


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