Liven up your A/W 17 wardrobe colours with confidence

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I often struggle to put an outfit together and be truly comfortable and confident let alone wear bright bold colours or patterns. But there are ways to make them work and so I’ve put together some ideas that I’ve started using to liven up the colours in my autumn and winter wardrobe.

One trick I have picked up is to wear an outfit in simple colours like black, navy, blue denim and white and use accessories as your colour story.


Various shades of yellow feature in the autumn and winter collections but it can be a very daunting colour to wear. I think the key with bright colours like this is to find out if there’s a hue that flatters you.   If your going to wear a yellow piece of clothing, make sure it’s the shade that suits you and only wear one piece in it. If your like me and don’t feel comfortable enough to wear yellow fear not! Get an accessory in yellow and your outfit will look right on trend in seconds. A pop of bright colour from a handbag or a pair of shoes looks amazing!  However not all colours go together so working out a complimentary colour scheme is important so that your look woes for the right reasons! A rich mustard yellow looks fantastic against a canvas of grey, navy or a black check pattern whilst a brighter corn yellow like this bag and hat from New Look would look great with a pair of blue denim Jeans or Jacket.

Corn yellow handbag £15:99

*Corn Yellow Handbag with metal handle detail  New Look £15.99 

Yellow hat £5.99 New Look

*Corn Yellow faux fur Pom Pom hat New Look £5.99



Pink comes in such a wide variety of shades and there’s bound to be one that suits you but if you are like me and tend to shy away from it then maybe it’s time we start wearing it in different ways. I doubt you will ever see me in a bright hot pink top but maybe adding it into the mix could work?!

This pink velvet bag is going to be perfect for the Xmas party season. Velvet is always popular at x as and again, it can be a tricky texture to pull off without it looking a little like your granny’s favourite top so wearing it as an accessory allows you to tick some major festive season trends without being too far out of your comfort zone!


Pink velvet bag new look

*Pink velvet snakeskin bag New Look £12.99

These blush pink shoes are absolutely stunning and wearing them with denim jeans and a blazer would be a perfect smart yet casual look and I could totally see myself wearing something along that line.

Blush heels public desire

Blush faux suede high heels Public Desire £29.99



Red is another colour that is very popular this season but not everybody can wear bright red. Burgundy is a more flattering shade and Burgundy velvet is the epitome of winter and Christmas. Burgundy works with a lot of colours and what I love about it is that it can look great with black and navy and white and cream. Most people suit one of these pairs more than the other so teaming their preference with a burgundy piece will create a beautiful outfit.

Burgundy velvet skirt new look

*Burgundy velvet skirt with stud detailing New Look £12.99.

These red ankle boots from ASOS would bring a pop of colour to your outfit and would look amazing against white, blue denim  or black. wearing the  bright colour as boots means you don’t have to be intimidated by it, allowing you to strut your stuff more confidently.

Red ankle boots ASOS

*Red ankle boots ASOS £28.99

It can be daunting adding bright and bold colours into your wardrobe but I think the key thing is to have fun with it. Fashion is suppose to be a fun way of expressing yourself through your own unique style. Buy what you want next time you go shopping, even if it’s abit of a step away from your normal colours and choices. If you feel good then you look good. Wear what you want, when you want and shine bright, looking like a million dollars! 


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