My BeautyBay Wishlist


I recently discovered  Beautybay   Which is a website that provide fast access to some of the US’s most popular brands including big names like Laura Geller and Anastasia Beverly Hills aswell as more cult brands like Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Jouer and PUR. Often these brands are US based and shipping can cost a fortune plus you sometimes have to pay pretty big customs tax charges.

But the great thing about  Beauty bay is that they offer free standard UK shipping for orders over £15 so I decided to browse their site and see if I could make a full face of makeup wish list from them, using brands I’ve heard of but not used before.

I also saw some brands I’ve tried in the past and discovered more of their products which I think would be perfect for me!

So I thought I’d include some skin care and body and hair products in there too because as I was browsing the site I saw some really intriguing items that I’ve heard rave reviews about! So let’s dive into my Beautybay wish list!

Let’s start with Skincare:

Star79 eye and lipstick makeup remover wipes

Things like waterproof mascara, liquid liners and liquid lipsticks can be seriously hard work to remove. £5:50 isn’t cheap for wipes but if they remove the tough stuff they are probably worth it.

Yes to cucumber soothing wipes  

 This brand have some incredible products, I’m currently using the Yes to Carrots eye cream which I love as it doesn’t sting my eyes and cause irritation like some eye creams have done in the past. They sound very refreshing and would be ideal for refreshing your face in hot weather or when travelling.RRP £2 

Dr Brant dermobrasion exfoliating scrub

I love this scrub because the exfoliating beads are very small so they get to work in the smallest areas of your face and you are left with a very clean feel without a lot of redness and irritated skin. It retails for £54:50 which is very expensive but some skincare products are worth the investment and I’d definitely repurchase this because I can really see the results of it. My skin looks smoother, cleaner and my pores are visibly reduced with continuous use.

Milani Lip scrub  

I’ve never tried a proper lip scrub because I usually use a clean toothbrush or a damp towel but dry, cracked  lips are becoming more of an issue lately so I’m intrigued to see if these scrubs are as good as people or say! RRP £12 

The Ordinary salicylic acid

There is a massive hype around this brand right know, owed by Deciem they offer high end quality for drug store prices. RRP £4!!  I use this every other night to reduce blemishes when I have a breakout then use a spot treatment the other night.  My teenage son has also been using it, under my supervision of course. He suffers from the typical teenage spots and blackheads so he has been using it each morning and night. He’d been feeling abit sensitive about his skin so he was thrilled with the results of this product. Within three days of using it there was a very obvious improvement in his skin which continued to improve with each use. I’d highly recommend this for teenagers as it’s very simple to use and it works wonders. However I’d suggest buying a couple of bottles because it runs out quite fast.

PUR detoxifying mud mask

Everyone needs a good detox mud mask don’t they?! This sounds perfect for that weekly pamper evening. RRP £18 

Scrublove Coconut Affair body scrub

This is definitely an expensive product but I think it would be perfect for a one off treat before you go on holiday or get a spray tan to really pamper yourself and prep your body for whatever comes next. RRP £13:95



Oaui dry shampoo
Okay I will be totally honest, I want to try this simply because the brand name sounds lovely. Sad or what?! Lol RRP £10

Big Sexy hair thickening and refreshing spray

I met this brand at BlogConLdn in March and they were kind enough to give me some info and a sample of this and it’s great for those Khloe Kardashian big hair moments that I wish made me look just like her but at least this product makes my hair look pretty fab huh?! We can all drean can’t we? I know you have a celeb you wish you looked like, come on spill in the comments!! RRP £16:95


Illamasqua Radiance Veil Primer

 Illamasqua seems to be an understated company, you don’t hear a great deal about them but I have heard brilliant things about this Primer. The name alone suggests it’s up there with the Foundation of Youth so it’s definitely up on my wishlist for future purchases! RRP £34


PUR spray Foundation

I am very intrigued by spray foundations and the Dior one is very big in the YouTube Beauty Guru community but it’s out of my current price range do this would be an awesome dupe!  RRP £28

Stila Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfector foundation

Its putty, it’s suppose to make pores look perfect. Need I say anymore?! RRP £28

LA Girl HD concealer in Porcelain

I’ve never tried this brand so I’d like to see how this concealer performs.RRP £5

RCSA setting powder

I’ve just got the banana colour powder from RCSA  and it’s very finely milled and so smooth that I want to give the translucent version a try next. RRP £12

Bake, blush and bronze

Zoeva Nude spectrum Blush palette

I love the colours in this palette! RRP £15

Ofra Matte Bronzer

Matte bronzer seem to be hard to find nowadays. They all have to shimmer and sparkle but that’s not gonna work for me so that’s it, they had me at matte bronzer. RRP £20

Zoeva Contour spectrum palette

I’ve not heard much about this brand so I’d love to give this palette ago and see if I can finally find a contour shade suitable for my skin tone. RRP £15



Ofra Beverly Hills highlighting wheel

This is one of Ofra’s huge sellers and it looks so pretty. Defintely a highlighter that dazzle! RRP £24

Cover FX custom enhancer drops ‘sunlight ‘

This shade looks out of this world and although it retails for £34 it’s something that definitely catches my eye and doesn’t let me forget about it.

Highlighting heaven ✨

Jouer powder Highlighter ‘Skinny Dip’

Jouer are a brand that use social media as their biggest advertising platform. It’s worked well because they have seen massive growth in the last two years due these clever marketing tactics. Make friends with big youtubers, take them on lavish PR trips and wind them up and let them go spreading the word about the brand to their huge fan bases. This is one of the most popular shades in all their recent products so it’s something on the wishlist. RRP £19

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz ‘soft brown’

This pomade is suppose to be fabulous and it’s not something to miss out on really! RRP £15:50

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Ressainsance palette

The latest palette, Subculture is suppose to be pretty awful with major formula and production issues but this palette is allegedly one of the best ever made. It’s expensive at £41 but the quality is suppose to be phenomenal and the colour scheme is beautiful.

BH Cosmetics Nude Rose eyeshadow palette

At £16 this seems to be a similar shade range to the ABH Modern Ressainsance palette but a much more affordable price. It would be interesting to compare the shades and quality in more detail.

 Beauty Bakerie gelato gel liner ‘ cioccolato’

This brand has built its theme upon bakery themes. It’s powders come in a baking flour like bag and all the products and shades are named after bakery and confectionery goods which makes the products cute aswell as being really good quality! RRP £14:50

PUR Waterproof mascara

Every girl needs a decent waterproof mascara. RRP £17:50

Milani Trifecta mascara 

A mascara that claims to be  triple action, curling, lengthening and separating lashes. That’s a big statement and can any one mascara do all these things?! RRP £10


LA Splash wickedly Divine Matte lipsticks

I love everything about this before I’ve ever tried it. I love the theme, the packaging, the shades and their names. I need these asap! RRP £9:50


I’d love to know if you use any of these products or if you use Beautybay, what you bought and your thoughts on it. X






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