Primark contour kit comes for KKW Beauty!

I could barely believe what I saw when scrolling through my Instagram feed a few weeks ago.

Loud and proud on Primark’s Instagram feed was a contour kit that looked almost identical to Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty contour kit, right down to the nudey blush pink shade of packaging and that funny tool with the brush one end and the dome-shaped sponge on the other end. 


Primark and KKW Beauty contour kits

Primark Contour kit £8 and KKW Beauty Contour kit £34.64 ($48)


If you have read any of my posts before you can probably guess what my next move was, yes you guessed it right! I headed to my local Primark  to grab the kit to test out.

Even the model on the display poster resembles Kim Kardashian West, perhaps Primark  found a distant cousin for their campaign!! 

Primark model for the ‘nudes’ Beauty line


The Contour kit is £8 and comes with a duo end contour in a deep warm brown and a cooler taupe brown so I think it will work on a lot of skin tones. It is very pigmented and super creamy so it glides onto your skin and blends well. I used the duo blender then finished with my beauty blender.

I’m very pale and the cool toned shade worked well for me, especially considering it was my first time using a cream contour. There is also a highlighter duo stick, a separate brow highlighter stick plus the duo blender. All have a similar creamy, rich feel to them so they glide into your skin easily and blend in to give a gorgeous, radiant finish! 

Primark contour kit swatches

After a few times using this Contour kit I’m getting the hang of cream contouring and  can definitely see a difference between my face  with this product and without. It’s a very flattering product that will definitely be in my main makeup bag! 

Nudes- no not that kind naughty!

There is an entire line of  the ‘Nudes’ beauty products which I assume was based around the KKW Beauty contour dupe. If you saw the range without seeing the brand labelling I think most people would think it was from the KKW Beauty  line.

This range is a one of the biggest themed beauty lines I’ve seen in Primark . It includes a range of products. There is the contour & highlight kit £8, a body shimmer powder, single cream eyeshadow pots. Lip gloss kits. Cream stick highlighters. An individual bronze stick, a 9 pan matte eyeshadow palette £4, An eye gloss kit that has an eye gloss, eye pigment and glitter for £3. In my local store I could only find one colour eye gloss kit in a rose-pink shade.  

Primark Lip kit £3

Primark Lip gloss kit £3  


Matte eyeshadow palette £4

Primark matte eyeshadow palette £4











Metallic eyeshadow cream £2

Metallic cream eyeshad

Primark bronze stick

Primark bronze & blend stick £3

Highlight & blend stick £3

Primark Highlight & blend stick £3










The nude blush pink packaging is very pretty, it doesn’t look cheap and it’s great to have a slightly high-end vibe to the range. With such cheap prices this range is a beauty lovers dream and is a huge  home- run for Primark!! 👏🏼👏🏼

I know I will be popping back to my local store over the next few weeks to buy more from the ‘Nudes’ range that’s for sure, sorry bank balance, please don’t hate me!! 💷💰💳




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