Primark Cosmetics dupes!!

I’m sure of you have read any of more blog posts you will know that I have a huge love for all things Primark. Another thing I’m really fond of is a dupe product. Something that’s very similar to a higher price high end branded item that is more affordable so imagine my delight when I found some fab bargain Cosmetics that I think are dupes for some popular branded items! 

They are really stepping up their game with their latest range of Cosmetics  and I cannot wait to take a trip to my local store to check out all the goodies and no doubt I will come out with at least one bag of products, don’t tell me you can go into any of their branches and come out with one thing, let alone empty handed, it can’t be just me that goes in for one thing and comes out with my partner and boys lugging bags back to the car like cute little donkeys!

So I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of the products I think are great dupes for higher end beauty items, some are just calling my name! “Mandie, Mandie, please come buy us, we’re so lonely here, save us Mandie, save us’”

So let me show you some products I think are dupes for higher priced, more luxury brands!



Now this one I can give my opinion on because I am using the Primark concealer at the moment  and I’ve used the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer  in the past. The Primark one isn’t quite as creamy as the Nars one but it gives good coverage and is a long lasting product so I’d definitely recommend it to you because in honesty for £2 you can’t go wrong.

Primark didn’t just stop with a concealer, they brought out  foundation and powders in the same range.

Primark makeup range


What’s even better and Primark deserve a huge applause in my opinion, there is a wide range of shades in this range, undertones have also been taken into consideration and the foundation is a really good medium coverage product. I find it very interesting that Primark were able to offer such an entension shade range  ( before Fenty cane out with theirs btw!) and massive make up brands can’t manage it and often totally ignore our deeper, darker and damn eight stunning sisters and brothers. 

Foundation range Primark 2


If you find any dupe makeup id love to see some photos and hear what you think of them, knowing me I will be rushing out to buy them ASAP! 


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