I bought the Primark Peach palettes

Primark Peach eyeshadow palette

I’m a woman of my word and after discovering that Primark  are selling a Peach eyeshadow palette, a peach highlight and blush set I went to my local store to buy them. 

While I was browsing that collection I also cane across some really pretty Peach oil Lip Gloss  that are very similar to the ones sold by Too Faced  so my theory that these are Primark’s dupes for the Too Faced Peach range was spot on. 

Too Faced peach oil Gloss

Peach Oil Lip Gloss £19


So before I talk about the makeup let me remind you of the Too Faced Vs Primark versions! 

Too Faced peach blush palette

Too Faced peach blush and highlight palette £42 


Primark blush palette

Primark Blush and Highlight palette £3 


Too Faced peach eyeshadow palette

Too Faced Peach eyeshadow Palette £49

Primark Peach eyeshadow palette

Primark Peach eyeshadow palette £4 

Now clearly there are more eyeshadows in the Too Faced palette but for the price I cannot recommend the Just Peachy and Feeling Peachy palettes from Primark enough! 

The shades in the palette are rich and rusty. The shade range  allows you to create many different looks without having to dip into another palette which is always a positive note, there’s nothing more frustrating than doing half an eye look then having to run around finding another product to finish it off! I was surprised by the quality and performance of this palette. The eyeshadow pigmentation is so good, they glide on and blend like a dream. For an extra pow a spray of setting spray or wetting your brush will bring out the full potential of these products. 

The highlighter and blush palette is a trio of one highlighter and two blushes echoing the layout of the Too Faced version. The highlighter shade is quite unique, especially for the price point. It is an iridescent, colour shifting product with a lilac/good and a slight green accent to it which makes the shift in colour so pretty. It is flattering worn alone for a healthy glow or wet your brush and you will be shining to the highlighter gods.

There are two blushes, one is a cute rosey pink shade that would suit almost any skin tone then there’s a true peachy shade that is super pigmented so a little goes a long way but it is so gorgeous and gives you a pretty, peachy look! 

Me wearing Primark Peach range

Me wearing the Primark Peach makeup range!

Overall I think a Primark have done a fantastic job creating high quality, fun and gorgeous products like this and I am excited to see what comes next in stores for the Autumn and Winter seasons! 

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