Primark Swimwear edition


No. 1 fan 

Any one that knows me will probably tell you that I have an unhealthy obsession with Primark. I love their clothing, jewellery, nightwear, the shoes, and the kids stuff is great as well- I admit I am a massive fan of them.

Body confidence and Scoliosis 

But there’s one section I always avoid. I’m going to be honest with you, It may sound really silly but I have a huge issue with swimwear!!  The idea of having to put on a swimsuit or go and buy one actually makes me feel sick. I’m a size 16 and I have huge hang ups about my body.

I’ve had a spinal condition called Scoliosis  since I was 10 yrs old. It causes a curvature of the spine. In my case, my shoulders, hips, ribs and pelvis are not in the correct position. Doctors and other health professionals often refer to these things as deformities, my body is deformed. That phrase, those words were always in the back of my mind even as a kid.  

I’ve had a spinal fusion operation to try to straighten and strengthen my spine but it’s not an easy fix. I’ve also got hip problems so my mobility is affected and I’m in constant high levels of pain.






I’d love to lose around 2 stone in weight but it’s difficult isn’t it. There are so many times I feel stressed out about it and I’d love to just go and run, run until all that stress disappears.

My idea of a perfect outfit is a  baggy t shirt, a oversized hoodie, jeans or leggings and preferable a huge winter coat to disappear underneath it!

Camo Queen 

It’s probably no coincidence that camo is my favourite pattern. I want to hide, I don’t want to stand out or have people see me and in my eyes a swimsuit is the exact opposite of those things. In a swimsuit I am totally exposed. My flaws, my issues, my deformed body would be exposed for everyone to see. It’s terrifying. 


Checking out Primark Swimwear

I am very surprised to find myself obsessing over the Swimwear Section  on the Primark        website. Obviously I wouldn’t wear a lot of them but damn it Primark have slayed it this year!!

There are so many gorgeous pieces and the designers have really tried to make pieces for all shapes and sizes. The styles, the patterns, the colours are just so pretty!! There is  not one thing I saw that I thought was really horrible. 

Here are some of my favourites! 

Club Tropicana 

Slogans and Stripes 

Bae Watch


Feeling Fruity 

Fruity swimwear Primark

Sand Shimmer

Sand shimmer swimwear Primark



Just Go Nude 

Nude swimwear Primark

Beach Block Party 

Beach block swimwear Primark

Check Mate 

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