Primark X Prada

 A few weeks ago Primark posted a picture on its social media platforms that has caused a countrywide struggle to find the allusive pair of  £8 mules that bear a big resemblance to a pair of Prada mules that sell for almost £500.


Primark Mules

Primark Mules in black, Denim and nude
(photo from Primark Instagram page)


Prada Mules

Prada mules £470

In fact people as far away as America were attempting to find a person here in the UK to buy them and ship them to the USA, at any cost apparently!! People were spending all day travelling to 4/5 different stores desperately wanting these shoes! I read a few news articles about this and thought I’d check it out.

Primark mules -Huffington Post

Most stores have sold out but on EBay they are selling for over triple the original Price. 

So I couldn’t resist, the nude pair are perfect for spring and summer and they add a classy touch to any outfit! They are really comfortable but if you do get a pair I’d recommend going up on size for a more comfortable fit! 

My Primark mules

Primark Mules in ‘Nude’

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