Revamp, new clothes, new me?!

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Is it time for a self- revamp? 

I began the year searching through my wardrobe putting together some clothing that I thought would make great stylish outfits that I could wear with confidence.

Although I have a lot of clothes it’s mainly comfy, casual stuff and there wasn’t much that I thought made stylish outfits that I’d be happy to wear!

As I went through my wardrobe I discovered there are some styles and clothing items that I don’t have which I think would finish off my wardrobe and give me so many more outfit options. Some of the items are perfect for building multiple outfits around. Then other bits I’ve had my eye on for a while now and will be flattering and a real confidence builder!

So yes that calls for a little shopping haul but this time I’ve decided to go out with a list of items that I think will give me a complete wardrobe capsule of outfits which I can then use my other items to mix things up a bit! See I’m so grown up and sensible these days! Lol.

Shopping bags

One style of clothing I don’t really have is going out stuff. I tend to shy away from that area because it’s the most tricky to feel confident in so I really need to invest in it to take the stress out of dressing up if the need arising.


What I do have are a lot of excuses that come from anxiety and lack of self-confidence.

Because of my chronic pain, anxiety and depression there were a good few years where I barely left the house. Since I started blogging I have met some amazing people and been given some amazing opportunities. I get invited to brand events or blogger group meet ups which I’m so grateful for because I was very lonely stuck at home feeling sad and sore all the time. But one thing always stands in my way, what do I wear to these occasions. In fact it’s a thought I have on an almost daily basis regardless of the situation. What do I wear that makes me feel as confident as possible, what will make me feel like I fit in most. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve missed out on some cool events simply because I didn’t know what to wear and that fear, that lack of confidence controls me. It sounds a bit extreme but I get so stressed out about what to wear I try on all my clothes, I buy more clothes and in the end I wind myself up to the point I just stay at home, lay in bed, feeling sad, feeling fat and ugly and beat myself up about it for days.

Fed up duvet day

But I’m going to work on it this year. So here is my shopping list! 

I am a little afraid of colour so having a pop of colour in the form of shoes or accessories is what I find works best for me. These Red high heel court shoes  are now only £12.50 on ASOS  and they will work with some many different outfits!

Red high heels


A blazer can dress up a pair of jeans and give an outfit a super polished, classy look. But the type of blazer is a very individual thing and sometimes it’s worth investing in a solid colour, good quality blazer that will work with a lot of different looks and then buy another one or two blazers that are in current trends. I’ve fkynd some very nice Blazers, some classic and some more trend based but all of them would spice up your wardrobe and give you some extra style points!

I have wanted some Knee high boots for ages and I always assumed they’d never fit me so I didn’t bother trying any. But they are a perfect staple footwear that help build an outfit and are modern, stylish without showing too much skin. I was so happy when I came across these Curvy size Black over the knee boots £33.50

Black over the knee boots £33.50

Now on sale £33.50 Fashion World


I am always drawn to Faux Leather shirts when I’m in the shops or browsing online, the amount of times I’ve picked one up or put one in my shopping cart then chickened out is crazy but I think if I had the boots I’d be more confident buying one of these skirts. Some of them look like they are  made of a very thin, flimsy material which doesn’t look flattering to curvy girls and they can look like black bin bags so it’s important to look around and get one that’s better quality. I’ve found this  Black faux leather skirt  which I think looks really nice and is a steal in the January sales at only £15!

Black faux leather skirt Dorthy Perkins

Black faux leather skirt £15 Dorothy Perkins

A pair of black high heels are a classic staple in a wardrobe but I don’t own any high heels that fit me. Because of my back and hip problems I just avoid them but I thought now I use my wheelchair I could get away with some low heeled ones to make an outfit more dressy and smart! I love the open style of this pair from Debenhams.

Black court shoes

Black court shoes now only £10.50 Faith at Debenhams


So here it is, my shopping list to get my wardrobe looking more up to date, stylish and hopefully with a few cheap trendy tops here and then as styles come into the shops I can have a range of outfits I will feel happy and confident to wear! I would love to know if you have a capsule wardrobe that you build your style around or do you shop like me and just buy random things then struggle to put an outfit together? X 

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