Revolution Magnetic Eyeshadows- wtf?!

I recently received an email from Revolution Beauty  that featured some of their new products and one item reminded me of something I’d seen before. A range of magnetic eyeshadows, yes you read that right, magnetic eyeshadows!( On a side note are they Makeup revolution or Revolution beauty these days?! ) 

Revolutin beauty magnetic eyeshadows

Magnetic eyeshadows £5

I don’t really know a great deal about the unique formula or it’s claims so I thought I’d check out what Revolution Beauty had to say about them! 

Forget shadow fallout with this extraordinary ionized eyeshadow formula. Super pigmented shadow that clings to your lids and blends seamlessly.
This is a no mess, no fuss singular eyeshadow. The super charged pigment ripples back to its former shape after use.

The Ingredients are : Mica, Tin Oxide, CI 77891, CI 77499”  Revolution Beauty 


Mac Spellbinder eyeshadow collection Nov 2016

The reason they seemed familiar was because a couple of years ago Mac Cosmetics  released a magnetic eyeshadow that shook the Cosmetics industry with its unique formula containing tiny particles of fragile metals within the pigment. This meant the shadow would stay on the eye longer and the pan shape would always go back to its original form meaning that cute little pattern or finish on the eyeshadow pans would stay there. The Mac Cosmetics shadows had a raised effect finish which looked very classy.

Mac Spellbinder eyeshadows

From looking at the Revolution Beauty versions and reading their description it’s obviously a pretty much straight copy right down to the rich jewel shades. 

I doubt that  Mac Cosmetics  originated the formula or have a patent for it but the eyeshadows are almost identical in formula, pan style/design and shades which must have been a little too close for Mac’s liking. 

Magnetic beauty products

These magnetic eyeshadows are not the only beauty products have contain a magnetic formula. Several brands make face masks that contain a magnetic ingredient which is supposed to help clear the skin more thoroughly. I believe that it started within Korean skin care lines and became more popular with brands such as Dr Brandt and Elf releasing similar things. 

 I find magnetic face masks so intriguing. The product is literally removed with a magnet covered in cling film. The fascinating formula led to some very funny product review/first impression videos on YouTube . 

Serial dupers

Revolution Beauty  are well-known for their more affordable dupes on high-end products and I’m a fan of some of their stuff but there is always a divide of viewpoint when it comes to duping products and this brands copying practises. Some people enjoy the idea of being able to buy cheaper dupes of more expensive brands and products, often products that have a new or iconic property like the illuminating highlighter drops which were a copy of Cover FX custom enhancing  drops. There are few higher end brands that haven’t been mimicked by Revolution beauty at this point. Too Faced, Cover FX, Anastasia Beverly Hills. 


Cover fx revolution highlighting drops

Cover FX custom enhancing drops and Revolution beauty liquid highlighter

Revolution beauty and Too Faced chocolate eyeshadow palette

Revolution beauty and Too Faced chocolate eyeshadow palette

Revolution beauty brow pomade and Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade

Revolution beauty brow pomade and Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade


Kat Von D beauty

One of the biggest controversies was a highly published spat with Kat Von D of Kat Von D beauty when Revolution beauty replicated the iconic ‘shade and light eye contour palette’  and swapped the wording around the ‘ light and shade eye contour palette’. Kat Von D personally called them out of this and made her feelings very well-known on the subject!

Kat Von D beauty ‘shade and light eye contour palette’ and the Revolution beauty copy called the ‘light and shade eye contour palette’



Revolution usually get their dupes out pretty quickly. The higher end versions are fresh in the market and they strike while the buzz is strong, getting their versions out.  However these eyeshadows have taken ages to be released which suggests it’s taken their labs some time to perfect their copy of the magnetic formula. Mac’s version came out in November 2016 and this version is came out in May 2018, totally missing any hype from the original release.

I then wondered if Revolution hoped that the Mac ones would be long forgotten about now and these would be praised for their unique formula creating a hype of their own but this would be a move from their usual behaviour. 

I’ll leave a side by side set of photos and I’d love to hear what you think about it?

Mac Spellbinder eyeshadows

Revolutin beauty magnetic eyeshadows


I don’t think the Mac version are available anymore but are you going to try the Revolution eyeshadow? Is  this dupe taking things a bit too far? Or are you a fan of having cheap copies of higher end brand products?

Please let me know on the comments as I’d love to know what you think about it! 

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