Struggling to find presents for the men in your life? Check out Men’s Society for the ultimate men’s gifts!

When it comes to buying gifts for the men in my family, my partner, my dad or my brother I really struggle to get them something special. It always ends up being a similar thing each year, a polo t -shirt or a stripy one for my dad, a voucher for my brother and a few tops for my partner. It drives me abit crazy because I want into buy them something unique, meaningful and shows that I’ve  put some thought into it.

So when Men’s Society  contacted me and asked if I wanted to get something for a male loved one I jumped at the chance at getting my partner a nice treat! I’d just like to say before I go on any further with this post  that I was given the chance to choose an item for a male family member but the opinions included are my own and not at all influenced by the brand. 

I browsed their site and I was really impressed by the modern, relevant selection of gifts they offer. From the amusing  Over-indulgence kit   that includes items that will get you feeling abit more human again after a rough night out on the town.  There is a very popular Damn Handsome Beard grooming kit  and  the essential tool for a new father, the  New Daddy Survival Kit    they have something that appeals to every man out there!

My partner is a tattoo fan and he has 15 tattoos so I thought the Tattoo kit would be perfect for him.
All the kits come in a unique tin box which is very masculine and classic vibe to it.


The tattoo care kit

The kit comes with  a Soothing Wash and a Moisturising Balm that have roller ball applicators which means the product comes out in a controlled manner and is gentle on the skin. The products roller balls also ensure that the tattooed skin is kept moisturised and clean with no risk of dirty fingers touching the skin.

There are four cold compresses that come in a tablet form, stored in a draw string bag which is a nice touch,  that expand when they are held under cold water. Placing a Cold compress on the new tattoo will close the pores after washing it which will help the overall finish and quality of the  tattoo once it’s healed. Freshly  tattooed skin is prone to inflammation  and slight pain so these cold compresses will soothe both the discomfort and the swelling aswell.

Tattoo care kit


Men’s Society is a fantastic place to get the ideal gift for the men in your life. They have a wide range of gifts that will meet all the needs of the modern man. I’d highly recommend checking out the site next time you are buying a gift for a man.

Check out my picks of the best gifts on the site below and let me know if you get stuck in a rut when buying for men and maybe you will be able to find a great gift too!

The Smooth Operator Shave kit   Shave kit

The side part hair kit   Side part kit

The Man bun kit  Man bun kit

The Pompadour hair kit.  Pompadour kit


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