The £12:99 electronic Facial Cleanser from Aldi

The Queen of Electronic Facial Cleansers

The Clarisonic facial cleanser is one of the ‘it’ beauty products of the moment and they sells from around £100. People rave about them and there are countless reviews on YouTube.  The ability to remove 11 times more make up than any other method of cleansing, as well as making miracles happen to your skin is a huge claim and sounds fantastic but it comes with the high price tag.  

I’d just settle for a step up in my facial routine and a bit of an improvement to my skin. 

The Clarisonic facial cleanser RRP £125


    The Aldi underdog Facial Cleanser 

 I don’t have £100 spare for a face cleaner despite how good it is and let’s be honest, not many people have that type of money readily available.  

But have no fear because the supermarket chain Aldi have similar facial cleansers in store this week and they are only £12:99. That’s an absolute bargain! There will be stock available in stores however their online stock has already gone.  

I think they will sell out fast in the shops aswell, so get yourself down to your nearest Store asap! 

 Aldi Store Finder  

Visage Facial Cleanser £12:99


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