The 2017 Olivier Awards -My favourite outfit!

When I think of somebody famous that is killing it fashion wise, it’s not often Sheridan Smith comes to mind.  She is a very pretty woman but in honesty I’ve never really seen her in Awards show photographs and her outfit and look blown me away. To be honesty I can’t even recall any photo of that sort with her in them. 

I was wrong

But I came across some photographs of her at the 2017 Olivier Awards and I am glad to say she proved me wrong, not that she cares what I think or even has any clue who I am but you get what I mean. 

She is a pillar of British gorgeousness in this 1920’s inspired flatter girl dress! It’s got a lot going on but the intricacies of the beading, fringing and black lace details entwine together to make the most stunning dress! I really love it! 

 Her flawless yet subtle make up and chic chignon styled hair and minimal jewellery made for an overall beautiful and polished look. It reminds me of something Adele would wear and the styling is similar too. 

Sheridan Smith looking amazing!
Photos from Google

Sheridan Smith still manages to look very relatable and ‘normal’ whilst looking this incredible.

I look at these photos and I think the overall look, the dress, make up and hair, is something most women would feel quite confident and comfortable wearing. It’s not a crazy, outrageously ‘celeb only’ level of style that us mere mortals can only dream of achieving.

Sheridan Smith simply looks like a human being, that bought a nice dress and got a great makeover for the evening. There is nothing bad about that either. 

 Maybe that’s where I go wrong where I see celebrities. I’m so blinded by the contour, the tan, the hours spent at the gym and the existence living off a few lettuce leaves alone, that creates the likes of the Kardashian’s. I’ve been missing out on celebs like Sheridan Smith who kinda look just like the rest of us but totally rocked it!

So Sheridan Smith I will be stalking your social media from now on hoping I can get a few tips on how to get your style so that I can still be me, just maybe a more polished version of me! 



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