The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer – the most high tech hairdryer ever?!

The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer 

When you hear the brand Dyson are immediate think about the revolutionary technology behind their hoovers. But this summer the company are celebrating the first birthday of their latest product The Supersonic Hairdryer  I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to John Lewis  at The Centre:MK  to get a blow dry from a Dyson stylist and to find out a bit more about it!

 Dyson employ qualified hair stylists to demo their products to make sure that customers got the full salon experience. Henna explained how the Supersonic was developed.   50 months of research that involved £40,000 worth of hair extensions enabled Dyson to investigate how hair reacts to a hairdryer and how a person uses the product. The results allowed them to make the very best technology. The Supersonic hairdryer is RRP £299


Dyson hairdryer

The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

The Supersonic marks a huge change in hairdryer design, in fact it’s the first time in 60 years that anyone has modified the design. Isn’t that crazy, all the technological advances we’ve made in the last few decades and nobody thought to update the hairdryer until Dyson


The Engineering and Science behind the Supersonic
Henna isn’t just a hair stylist, she provided me with a wealth of knowledge about the Supersonic and being a total geek I found it fascinating! She’s like the yodo of the Supersonic!
Firstly the design is totally different, I don’t think anyone could miss the huge hole right through the top of it which I will get to later on. 

There is a lightweight motor in the bottom of the handle instead of the traditional hairdryer that have a larger motor in the top of it. 


Traditional hairdryer motor Vs Supersonic motor


In a normal hairdryer the large motor is at the back of the cylinder which makes heavier at one end and Sometimes makes it frustrating to work with.
( I’ m not only person to have dropped my hairdryer (because the back has been heavy) and I’ve also hit my head with it a few times too!) 

Dyson engineers did extensive research into how to balance the product, looking at the positions  a person holds a hairdryer, how they move it around whilst using it, how hair gets the best blow dry with the best comfort for the person using it. 



Air flow 

The Supersonic has an open cylinder design. This is to maximise air flow directly on the areas of hair that you focus on. Normal hairdryers blast air out in a wider direction that you can’t control so precisely. It draws air in it from multiple points to maximise air flow and direct it straight on the area you point it at. (It won’t suck your hair into it either!)

This genius device has a microprocessor in it to control air flow and temperature that dries the hair without causing heat damage. You can actually touch your hair with the Supersonic without it frying your hair or your scalp.

The Supersonic Hairdryer blow dry

Henna was lovely and showed me the 3 attachments that come with the Supersonic and explained what they were for and how to use them. You get a diffuser for enhancing waves and two nozzles to direct the air more precisely. One is for the start of drying then you change to the next nozzle to get a more focused style.

Another great thing about it is how quiet it is, you can actually chat and hear what the person is saying without the blaring of the hairdryer drowning you out. It’s so tricky trying to talk while you are having a blow dry and having no idea what the stylist  is saying!p or vice Versa! 

The supersonic hairdryer

I have really thick hair with a natural hair wave so it usually takes me ages to dry then I have to go over it with the straighteners to get it fairly flat and straight. I was so impressed when Henna showed me the finished look because it was so sleek and straight. With no products, no straighteners just the Supersonic!

Supersoniced by Henna

A good investment?! 

I’d highly recommend the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer because it is such a fantastic, clever product. I’m definitely going to start saving my pennies and look to buy one in the future.  I have a lot of hair that takes so much styling and time to be presentable, in my eyes anyway, The Supersonic could cut down this time and effort, reduce damage to my hair and save me money on the amount of products I use in order to achieve something not even close to what the Supersonic does. So for me it would be a good investment. However I do think it is an expensive luxury item.

If you are curious about it why not pay a visit to John Lewis The Centre:MK or check with your local branch to see if there is a Dyson stylist, because it’s such a clever hairdryer and it’s well worth the experience! 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, would you pay £299 for a hairdryer or do you think it’s too expensive? 

Also If you have any tips for smoother, sleeker hair I’d love to try them out so comment below or tweet me @mandieblogs xxx

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