The simple things

Human nature is a funny thing. We are never really  satisfied or content with life. We spend a great deal of time setting these huge goals for ourselves,which are  often spurred on by envy and a bit of  jealousy over other people’s lives. Hey we even do it with our own appearances, we find faults and wish we looked like someone else.

Imagine how many hours we spend focusing on the positives in other people’s lives, in what other people look like and how much time we spend finding the negatives in our lives. How many hours do we spend picking apart our looks, our weight, pretty much everything about ourselves? Social media has intensified this competitive nature and created a huge pressure to meet these crazy high, often unobtainable goals.

I’m guilty of this on so many levels.

I spend ages looking at celebrities online wishing I could look like them, that my wardrobe was as incredible as theirs, that my house was like theirs or I had such an amazing car.

The list is endless. I’m always happy for them, I’d never want anyone not to have these things but I always wish I could have it too. I look at other mums and I read their stories or I see the amazing family holidays they’ve been on, travelling the world with their children. I hear about their parenting techniques and I wonder how they are such incredible parents.

Even when it comes to fellow bloggers. I see some absolutely drop dead gorgeous people who seem to have it all. Their photos are like spreads from a magazine. They are stunning, they have huge success and every brand wants to work with them. They travel the world, experiencing the most amazing things and seeing the most beautiful sights and things look perfect.

Cocktail on beach Blogger at desk

But that’s just it, things LOOK perfect. It’s not real though. When you look on social media 9 times out of 10 you see what a person wants you to see. It’s often faked to look amazing. Photos are edited to look more appealing, photo shoots give a person the best lighting, the best camera to take the photos. Photoshopping out any imperfections and flaws. For example professional makeup can totally change someone’s appearance.        If you see Kim Kardashian West without a full face of makeup she looks a lot more like a regular person and entirely different. She stills looks beautifully but you can’t deny that she looks very different.

Kim Kardashian’s makeup v no makeup

I am a person that has quite low confidence so I always compare myself and everything about myself to other people. I always beat myself up about things and have a lot of self-doubt so I often find it’s very hard to see positives.

This weekend my children, my partner and I went to my parents for a BBQ. We sat in the garden as the kids played football and ran around. I even managed to go on a quick walk with my mum, the boys and my parents dog down to the local play park so the boys could have some fun. We chatted, we laughed and when I went home my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much.

Me and my youngest son selfieMy youngest two sons and the dogs


The next day we looked after my parents dog, Lottie for the day.

Son and dog hugs

The sun was shining and although I had to go in my wheelchair me, the boys and Neil took the dog on a lovely walk along the small river that goes through our area and we stopped at the group of stepping-stones that cross the river. I sat and watched as the boys and the dog played together jumping the stones and dipping their feet (and paws!) in the water. We all laughed so much when Lottie decided to have an explore along the muddy river bank then jump all over me covering me in mud, but it didn’t bother me one bit because I was enjoying my afternoon so much. The sun on my skin, with my family, watching my boys loving life and their giggles filling the air. My face hurting again from smiling so much.

Dog walks

The boys at the stepping stones a


Stepping stone fun

That’s when I realised something. It’s human nature to be envious of others lives but it’s unhealthy to spend so much time caught up in the negatively that you miss out on the true happiness and joy in your own life.

It’s the simple things that make you happy!  

It’s the simplest things that make your face ache and give you that warm, fuzzy content feeling!

Find happiness in simple things

Perhaps next time I look at photos of other people’s lives I’ll give it a ‘like’ and then share some of my own happy moments instead of wishing for things I can’t ever get! 

My boys

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