Beauty bargains at TK MAXX!

There is a huge trend across social media at the moment where people are checking out what makeup is available at TK Maxx   if you’re in the UK or TJ Maxx  if you’re in the US.

TK Maxx / TJ Maxx

What is the difference you might be thinking? Absolutely nothing but when TJ Maxx decides to enter the UK market there was already a department store brand called TJ Hughes so to avoid confusion they simply swapped the TJ for TK! 

The trend is so big even makeup mogul and YouTube royalty Jeffree Star attempted a full face of makeup from TJ Maxx with hilarious results so go check out Jeffree Star’s TJ Maxx video if you want to see what sort of products are available in the US!  

Jeffree Star at TJ Maxx


If I’m honest my local TK Maxx is a bit of a nightmare that I have tried to avoid if possible.  Stock is never in any particular order, there is often clothing chucked on the floor and left there, ignored by staff and it’s just not somewhere I tend to want to shop at! 

But makeup always wins me over and the idea of finding some higher end brand items at a bargain price sounds well worth it so here’s what I found! 

This lip palette is a collaboration between Pixi beauty and it’s Judy Time. With 12 shades ranging from light nudes to vampy reds and wine there isn’t a shade you’d need to add to your collection after buying this. Also I checked the Pixi Beauty website and this palette retails for £28  and in TK Maxx it’s only £12 so it’s a real bargain!! 


Nars blush duo st TK Maxx

I’m obsessed by how pretty  this blush duo from Nars is. The blush is the perfect coral pink tone that would be buildable for a full flushed look or applied lightly for a subtle rosy cheek. The shimmer side would be great as a blush topper or for a subtle highlight! 


The Too Faced melted liquid lipstick range cannot do you  wrong so for £4.99 I’d definitely grab a couple to give you a perfect lip look! 


We all want a sculpted contour like Gigi Hadid so this contour palette from her collar with Maybelline will take you one step closer to achieving her custom looks!  

Wtf, Burberry products for under £20, that’s a great price to add a little luxury to your makeup collection! 


This Tarte Cosmetics blot party mattifying powder and blot sheets is a limited edition product from their altheleisure range. I love the bright pink and purple packaging, it’s perfect for slipping in your gym bag! 


As you can see there are some really great products available from well-known, high-end brands such as Too Faced, Nars, Clarins and even luxury brand Burberry and the prices are well discounted. 

The problem is that there aren’t any testers. What happens is you either buy blind or hope that someone has already taken one of the products out of the packaging for you to look at then find the same item sealed!

So my advice is definitely make sure the products you pick up are 100% sealed.  If there isn’t a safety seal but they are in the packaging double-check there aren’t any fingerprints on the makeup where someone has tested the product then placed it back in the carton, which by the way is gross, please don’t do it!

If you can’t see the shade why not do a quick google search to check it out which is a much more sanitary way of doing things!


BH cosmetics face brushed at TK Maxx

These BH Cosmetics brush kits have everything you need for applying face products to perfection and they look so well made too! 


TK Maxx does hold great stock of makeup accessories such as brushes and sponges from reputable brands such as BH Cosmetics and Real Techniques. There prices are very cheap compared to the normal sale price so if you are in need of some good quality brushes I would highly recommend going to your nearest store to see what’s on offer before you buy elsewhere.  


BH cosmetics 11 piece brush set at TK Maxx

This set of 11 brushes would look so pretty on a vanity table and is an easy way to store brushes without taking up too much space! 


Juicy Couture 3 piece blending sponge set at TK Maxx

These Juicy Couture blending sponges look interesting. The various shapes mean there’s not an area of your face you couldn’t blend out!

Real Techniques brushes at TK Maxx

There was a range of Real Techniques brushes. I double checked other shops that sell these brushes aswell as the Real Techniques website and the prices are lower than the normal RRP. I love the look of the large fluffy powder brush on the right hand side. It would be perfect for a light dusting of powder or for baking! 


So after checking out my local TK Maxx what I can say is that their makeup stock seems to be a season or two behind current trends.  I wonder if some of the items might not have sold well to begin with so were offloaded to TK Maxx.

The range is a bit all over the place and random so don’t expect to find full shade ranges or the latest products.

However  are definitely some hidden gems to be discovered and my favourite find was the Nars blush duo which was so gorgeous!

Why not take a trip to your local TK Maxx store locator

or TJ Maxx store locator and see what goodies you find! 


Its also worth noting that you can buy online and I’ve just checked the UK website and it looks like there has been a lot of new items in from brands such as Catrice Cosmetics, Elf, Bare Minerals, Makeup Forever and even a few products from Laura Mercier, Guerlain and YSL beauty! 


Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on discount shops such as TK a Maxx and if you get any bargains!


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