What does Christmas means to me?!

 The last few weeks I’ve had countless parcels delivered, if I’m not hiding the presents I’ve bought then the kids are telling me an endless list of things they want to get for Christmas. It goes on for weeks! 

We sorted the gifts into separate bags ready to be wrapped. 3 bags, One bag per children plus another bag for joint presents. I was left with a mountain of packaging, boxes, bubble wrap and receipts on my bed. My recycling was huge this week! 

I’m not bragging or saying my children are spoilt because a lot of the presents are small ones and we don’t have a great deal of money to spend in the first place so we’ve tried to get a bit more inventive with our purchase choices this year. I’m confident we’ve done a good job and I can’t wait to see the looks on their cute little faces on Christmas Day. I’d never take that away from them, I love it, I look forward to it all year.

However lately I’ve been thinking about it all, the hype, the expectations, the pressure parents and loved ones and people in general feel each year! Even if you don’t have children there’s still a lot of craziness placed upon you at this time of you. Who do you buy for, how much do you spend. Where do you spend the Christmas break? You don’t want to offend people who invite you but maybe you’d rather go elsewhere. There is so much to consider! 

At end of the day what does Christmas really mean to me?! 

Christmas means family, I love spending the festive period at my parents house. We always have a Christmas Eve buffet that my Mum and Dad go to town on, seriously it’s always amazing. My brother and his hubby come aswell and it’s just perfect all being together.

The boys put the family parcels under the tree and there is usually some many that they end up under the table, behind the sofa, it’s like that every year. We chat, we eat and we laugh, that house is so full of joy.

Once the kids go to bed we play silly games and set about sorting all the gifts out. The same thing gets pointed out every year ‘I thought we said we weren’t going mad with presents the year’  as bag after bag of presents for the boys come out of their hiding places! 

My brother-in-law always prepares a game which usually makes us act out crazy charades or funny quizzes which always bring out the more comical  side of us. Last year my eldest son joined us and had a blast. He couldn’t believe what crazy antics we got up to once they’d gone to bed each year. My mum acting out ‘Hungry like the wolf’ crawling around scratching at our feet and mimicking a wolf howling was one of the funniest things I think I’ve ever saw. Then I appeared with a tea towel on my head walking my pretend corgi’s doing the Queens iconic wave. Things just get a bit bonkers really, we all laugh so much, it is something I will never forget. 

My mum then desperately pushed us to open our gifts then sits with a pile of hers and refuses to open her own ones which often goes on until the boys beg her to unwrap them after dinner on Christmas Day. It’s hilarious how funny my mum gets! It’s literally her Christmas traditional. 

That’s what Christmas means to me. The family all being together, the laughter that echoes through the house and the boys getting so excited they can barely keep still. It’s being woken up early by one of my kids whispering that they think Father Christmas has been as they peaked downstairs. Quickly followed by the rest of the family and the huge gasps of shock and awe as the kids find their presents. The frantic unwrapping and the biggest smiles on their faces that last for days and you find yourself constantly smiling at the mere thought of their reaction.

These things are priceless.They are the most precious, incredible  moments that can stay with us forever. That’s what Christmas means to me. 

So if you wake up this morning and panic that you’ve not got enough presents or the exact ones someone wanted. Perhaps you feel like your under pressure to spend the big day with people who don’t make you smile or feel happy and your dreading it. Maybe there’s a better alternative that will fill your heart with love and happiness and that’s okay. What’s important is making these wonderful, special and precise memories with loved ones  and friends. It doesn’t have to be your blood family, it could be a group of friends that are your family. They are where your heart lies. Christmas should be a time of fun and festive joy. So don’t worry about rushing out to buy more gifts, focus on what’s truly important to you. Ask yourself what does Christmas mean to me? Once you know the answer then you will find your own bit of Christmas magic. 

Thank you so much for your support this year here on my bit of cyber space and I’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. 2017 has been a good year. I achieved so much more than I thought was possible which has given me with a ton of amazing memories.

Let’s look forward to making 2018 the best year so far. Never stop chasing your dreams and never give up. xoxoxo

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