Whittlebury Hall spa-losing my spa virginity!

Last week I visited Whittlebury Hall Spa for the first time . I was a total spa virgin so I was alittle bit worried about what the experience was going to be like but luckily I had my mum with me to ease my concerns.

Me and my lovely mum

I’m a huge prude so the idea of wandering around semi naked in a swimsuit was always going to be a big concern. I’m the only person in the world who clamps their legs shut during childbirth, people literally had to hold them apart it was a traumatic time!

But back to the spa. We walked in the grandly designed reception to see marble and stone staircases and statues that make you feel like you’ve gone back in time to a traditional Roman spa. It was quite breathtaking!  It was a very calm, quiet and chilled atmosphere from the very start. 

We were given our iteninary for the day and a locket band and showed to the ladies changing room, the locker was a towel and gown. 

Once we’d changed and popped on our gowns, my done up in a triple knot for safety, we went to explore. The annoying sound of my new flip flops breaking the tranquil atmosphere. 

The hydrotherapy pool was so warm and quickly relaxed me to the point I started to forget my worries. I could have stayed in it all day! 

There are saunas, steam rooms  and a salt sauna where there is a wall of salt that cleanses your body within the steam. But it’s definitely not for the weak hearted, after a few minutes I couldn’t bear anymore so I headed to  the ice cave which was great for  my aches and pains. You can grab handfuls for ice and place them on problem areas.  

We then headed for a manicure and pedicure upstairs in the treatment area where we were pampered and made to feel on top of the world. The staff are so kind and go above and beyond to make you feel as relaxed and chilled as possible.  

At times I found myself wondering what I’m usually doing with my hands because something felt strange and I realised it was the absence of my phone constantly buzzing that was missing.


They have areas for massages, facials using Elemis products and all kinds of high tech beauty treatments. 



Next was a two course buffet style lunch which I couldn’t fault. There was so many choices and the quality was to a very high standard. 

After our nails were 100% dried we swam off the food in the 19 metre swimming pool and relaxed in a bubble jacuzzi. 

Lastly we had a beautiful afternoon tea which ended a perfect day. 

It was so relaxing that it was like I was in a bubble. A calm, quiet bubble that had taken me away from the stress and speed of everyday life. It’s funny how quickly you get used to that bubble, it’s like a sanctuary where you feel so at ease and worry free. I could have stayed there for a few more days- I enjoyed it so much!  

Im definitely going to return and try out some more of the experiences and treatments on offer. 


Id like to take this opportunity to thank my fantastic, kind and sweet Dad for the amazing treat he gave me and my mum. It was a great chance to have some mother and daughter time. We had such a giggle and made some great memories. X 







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