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Have you ever looked in your wardrobe and seen that it’s overloaded with clothes and accessories but you can’t find an outfit you want to wear or you just can’t put items together to make an outfit?! My wardrobe is literally overflowing with clothes yet I often feel frustrated and fed up that I can’t get an outfit out that makes me feel confident, happy and looking the best I can.
I’m one of those people who buy so many clothes eat I feel like I’ve got nothing to wear.

There been many occasions in the past where I’ve actually got so upset and down that I’ve stayed at home in the end feeling awful.

I hate that feeling.

I try my best not to buy anymore stuff because I’ve got so much already but I can say no to a cute top or a fab pair of boots. I mean let’s be honest, who can resist a bargain in the sales or that top you’ve had your eye on for weeks?! I’m a self-confessed shopaholic! 

So I’ve been thinking, its 2018, people are making New Years resolutions, turning over new leaves and making changes in their lives. The January sales are everywhere but I’ve been inspired not to shop for a while and to use the clothes I’ve got to make some core outfits to work around. Okay I told a little fib, its less inspiration and more that I’m totally broke after the festive season.

But I do want to put my wardrobe to the test and see what I can come up with, even if it’s two outfits for different occasions and you never know I might find some hidden style treasures! I’ve found clothing that’s similar or the same as the ones I’ll be playing with so that if anything takes your fancy you can get it too! So let’s dive into the nightmare that is my wardrobe and see what we’ve got!! 

Black faux leather jacket

I think it’s important to find the key items in your wardrobe and then you can build outfits around them. I don’t really have many items that really stand out to me but there’s one that caught my eye! My key item is my Primark Faux Leather Jacket  £14

A cute pair Skinny Jeans £15  put with a Black bodysuit £2 makes a perfect smart casual date night outfit or teamed up some high heels for a sexy edge!

Leather jacket outfit


I dress for comfort most of the time so I love chilling out in a pair of  Black leggings £8.99 with my chunky Camo boots from Asos  and a  Oversized black hoodie £19.99

Leather jacket hoodie and leggings

I think I need to spend time going through my wardrobe on working out how to wear the clothes I have. Doing this has shown me that if I take the time to match things together to build a few capsule outfits that I can then try with new things or swap bits around for variety. But I need to do it when I’m relaxed, not in a rush and perhaps not ten minutes before I’m suppose to leave the house which leads to my stressing out big time and feeling really noisy!

I also think I need the computer that Cher had I’m Clueless that helped her put her clothes into a super cute outfit!

Clueless Cher clothing

From Pinterest

Cher clueless pile of clothes

From Pinterest

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