Younique Foundation review

Younique mineral foundation

A few months ago I began trying  the Touch mineral foundation and a liquid foundation brush from Younique.

Younique mineral foundation

Liquid foundation brush from Younique


I will admit that I was a bit skeptic at first because I have heard some negativity about the Younique brand and it’s products. Mainly being that they are overpriced and hugely over hyped on social media. 

Younique banner


Regardless of what I’d heard I was keen to try it out with an open mind! First impressions are great but I like to test out the products over a few weeks because I think it’s important to see how the product works with your skin at different times of the month. I’m sure you know what I mean by that. In my case my skin tends to flare up with blemishes 2/3 days before my period and then it calms down again after a couple of days. Obviously I want to hide the blemishes and imperfections so a good foundation at this point in the month is vital. 


The Younique sales people are known as ‘Presenters’ who  have taken full advantage of the 
popularity of social media. They focus a lot of their efforts on promoting the products on their social media platforms.

The product

Here is what Younique say about this foundation –

‘This smooth, full coverage foundation goes on liquid and dries to a soft, powdery finish while optical diffusers blur imperfections and minimize wrinkles and pores. No touch-ups necessary’ 

The Touch mineral liquid foundation £30  I received was in the shade Scarlet, the lightest in the range. It was a good shade for me which was a great start!

Younique mineral foundation shade range


There isn’t a huge number of shades available but it’s good to see that there is an even shade range from light to dark. Hopefully as the brand grow they will extend their shade range! 

Shade range explanation



This foundation comes in a glass bottle that gives it a  high-end look and uses a dropper applicator.  It’s important to give it a shake before you use it to get the best result.

The Liquid foundation brush  has a dip the middle of the brush hairs which you place the droplets of foundation into before applying it to the skin. I like this method because it is much more hygienic that putting the dropper directly into your skin then putting it back into the bottle and transferring bacteria into it. However the brush itself is £25 which is pretty pricey and tbh I’m sure you could get a similar brush much cheaper. 

Testing it out 

After the first time I used it I could already see that the  Younique brush works better than a beauty blender or makeup sponge. Which is a change for me because I am usually a dedicated beauty blender/sponge kinda woman! With this foundation  the Beauty blender soaks up too much product so the way to go is to use the brush to buff in the product then use beauty blender for finishing touches.

I must point out that the scent is pretty strong so you’d have to live with that if you used it. It does dissipate after a few minutes though, it’s not an unpleasant chemically scent but it is quite powerful at first!

Vicky, the presenter who sent me the products advised me to use a primer underneath the foundation to get the best results so I tried a variety of primers including the Benefit Porefessional Primer , the Too Faced hangover primer  and the Smashbox mattifying Primer . The foundation worked fine with all of  the primers which is good because it means it is versatile enough to work well with whatever primer your skin type requires.

This foundation caked up around my nose the first couple of times I used it so careful application is key. I used my beauty blender to finish any areas that looked uneven. 

  A slow and precise technique is the key to building up toward a fuller coverage when using this foundation. 

It’s a good idea to use a setting powder and perhaps a finishing spray to feel confident that your makeup will slay all day!

It provides a full coverage dewy finish which took me a few times to get used to because up until now I’d always opted for a very matte finish. It gave me a healthy glow which was great because I often look a bit pale and tired due to my health issues. 

 Final thoughts

I really like this foundation. I don’t think it’s a product I will use everyday but it will definitely be one of my go to foundations on special occasions and for photos because I really love the fuller finish it gave me. Healthy looking, glowing skin with a good coverage of my bad bits is a winner in my book!

Would I have paid £30 for this as oppose to going for a brand like  Mac , Tarte or Makeup Forever  foundations that are in a similar price range? Honestly I’d probably have to say I wouldn’t but that’s more to do with what brands and foundations I was aware of. Because Younique isn’t a high street or popular mainstream brand it wouldn’t have been a brand that I’d of immediately thought of to buy from. 

Along the way I learnt a lot about a Younique as a brand and as an employer so I’ve decided to do a post focusing on those elements in the near future to offer an balanced view on the brand  aswell as from the point of view of the presenters!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Vicky  for sending me the products and I’ve put all her details below so go check her out. Not only does she know so much about makeup she does regular Facebook videos and blog posts sharing new products, demos and all sorts of fun stuff! She has an amazing personality and has been really kind to me so she definitely deserves some support from you guys!


Vicky Younique presenter

Vicky’s Younique

Vicky and co

Twitter- @vicky_and_co 

Facebook – Vicky and co 

Instagram- @Vicky_and_co_est15 


*I did receive these items as PR but the opinions, experiences and advice are 100% my own unless otherwise stated and I have not been influenced by the brand or presenter in any way! 




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